Georgia short-term disability benefits provide important income security.

Health insurance pays your doctors and hospital bills, but does nothing to replace your income during the time you miss work due to an illness, accident, pregnancy complications, or recovery for childbirth.

Most employers do not provide paid maternity leave, but you can purchase a policy that achieves the same goal. Learn how it all works.

  • Application and claims forms
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Georgia disability laws

Georgia Short Term Disability Forms

You may need to complete three different short-term disability forms: account applications, policy applications, benefit claims form. Remember that you need to have a policy in place before submitting a claim form, and the state of Georgia does not offer a program.

Apply for a short-term personal loan if you need cash while you are temporarily unable to work, and did not purchase a policy in advance of your need.

Account Application Forms

Female employees seeking paid maternity leave options at work often need to complete new account forms. Policies covering childbirth are only available as a voluntary employee program.

If not already offered, the employer needs to complete an account setup form with the company issuing the policy.

Policy Application Forms

Complete a policy application form to purchase a policy. A licensed agent will assist in completing the application, recording answers to medical questions, and submitting the application to the issuing co

Get a short-term disability quote to see what a policy costs.

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Benefit Claims Form

Applying for short-term disability benefits means that one or both of the following forms were completed. A private policy has to be in place first.

If a policy is in place, you apply for benefits by first downloading a claims form from the carrier’s website. Follow the instructions closely. A doctor must certify the medical reason for the claim, and the employer must certify that you are not earning income.

Attorneys often advertise they can assist fighting denials. Check your policy benefits first to make sure the legal fees leave enough benefit to make the effort worthwhile.

Georgia Short Term Disability Maternity

Short-term disability for maternity in Georgia makes great sense for growing families. The program often pays for itself, as benefit payments often exceed cumulative monthly premiums.

Women utilize the policies most often utilized during pregnancy bed rest, and on maternity leave while recovering from labor and delivery.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Complications of pregnancy may require bed rest and stop women from working prior to delivery. This is when the income protection benefits are most important.

Chances are that medical expenses are much higher. Many women must choose between getting the rest ordered by their doctor, and going to work in order to stay current on bills.

Women who purchase a policy prior to conception do not have to make this difficult choice. If you are already pregnant, your options are limited. Preexisting medical conditions are not covered until 12 months after the policy effective date.

Individual short-term disability policies may cover pregnancy bed rest, but not recovery from labor and delivery.

Maternity Leave

Short-term disability for maternity leave in Georgia may cover your normal childbirth. Normal childbirth is a covered illness when delivery occurs nine months after the policy effective date. After satisfying your waiting period of one or two weeks, benefits may last for six or eight weeks depending upon the type of delivery. A C-section delivery lasts two weeks longer.

  • Enjoy cash payments for normal childbirth
  • Spend time with your newborn without the financial pressure to return to work
  • Lower bill paying anxiety

Use the planned benefit to fund the premium cost, and worry less about losing your income.

Benefit Amounts

Short-term disability in Georgia works by replacing a portion of income while the insured is unable to work at his full-time occupation.

  • Monthly benefit payments can reach up to 2/3 of gross monthly income, capped at $6,500 monthly.
  • The elimination period describes how quickly payments begin.
  • The payment duration describes how long payments last.

Georgia Short Term Disability Laws

There are very few Georgia short-term disability laws that extend rights to workers. Several federal regulations provided unpaid job protected leave while certain employees are unable to work.

State Program

Georgia does not have state mandated short-term disability insurance. Social Security Disability is available for people expected to be out of work for one year or more.

Workers must purchase private coverage to address temporary medical conditions.

Family Leave Laws

Georgia family leave laws consist primarily of federal regulations, which provide unpaid job, protected leave, and protect women’s rights at the workplace during pregnancy.

State Employees

The Georgia Department of Labor provides state employees with two voluntary policy choices.

  1. The temporary policy has a seven or thirty-day waiting period.
  2. The long-term policy has a one hundred eighty day waiting period.

These programs are available for state employees only. Private workers must ask their employer for a similar voluntary option.

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