Individual short term disability insurance puts you in control of your income. Unlike group coverage, private contracts allow you to own your policy. Your policy remains in force no matter where you work. Just continue making premium payments.

There are important individual short term disability insurance features that vary based upon where you buy the policy, and the company issuing the plan:

  • Policies for maternity leave
    • Monthly rates and benefits
    • How to get covered
  • Covering pregnancy bed rest

Individual Short Term Disability for Maternity Leave

The most important distinction relates to individual short term disability insurance for maternity leave. Only policies covering normal childbirth replace income during maternity leave. This is a very fine, but important distinction.

Individual short term disability for maternity leave can’t be purchased directly. The people buying the policies are planning to use the benefit. So providers only sell personal policies through groups in order to pool risks.

Rates and Benefits

Insurance companies understand that personal policies covering normal childbirth are sure money losers. The individual short term disability benefits paid for normal childbirth is often far greater than the monthly premiums paid in advance.

Input a few variables and get a short term disability quote. The form is designed to calculate the monthly premium rate paid prior to delivery, and compares these rates to the projected benefit paid upon normal childbirth. The ratio of monthly rate, compared to the projected benefit explains why these policies require an extra step.

Getting a Policy

Many women look for a private policy because their employer does not offer it. They discover that finding a policy sold direct which covers normal childbirth is like hunting unicorns: neither exists.

But there is hope! You can get personal short term disability insurance for maternity leave as a voluntary employee benefit.  You pay the premium through convenient payroll deduction, so there is no direct cost to your employer. If you leave your company the policy is portable, and guaranteed renewable. That means no matter where you work or what happens to your health the policy is yours for as long as you continue paying monthly premiums.

Individual Short Term Disability for Pregnancy Bed Rest

Things works differently with individual short term disability insurance for pregnancy bed rest. Unlike normal childbirth, complications of pregnancy are not planned in advance. The chances that the benefit payment will outweigh the monthly premiums is much lower.

The policy is much more likely to be a money maker for the insurance company. About twenty five percent of pregnancies experience one or more complications. Not every person buying a policy will both conceive, and experience complications.

Therefore, people can purchase individual short term disability covering pregnancy complications more easily. There are a variety of providers that will sell these policies directly. There is no need to involve your employer in the process.

Individual Short Term Disability Providers

Individual short term disability insurance providers can be broken down into two groups: worksite, and personal sales companies.

Plans at worksite

Worksite providers market the policies that cover childbirth. They approach employers and attempt to convince them to offer voluntary policies to their employees. By working through groups, the insurance companies are able to pool risks. By pooling risks, the providers can provide personal plans with richer benefits, at lower monthly rates, and more lenient underwriting.

Worksite policies are both employee paid and privately owned. Since there is no direct cost to employers, this represents a great way to expand benefits, without adding to direct cost. People looking for personal policies covering childbirth should ask their employer to make them available.

Plans sold direct

Individual short term disability companies also sell policies directly. There is no opportunity to pool risks, so adverse selection becomes a challenge. Providers who sell direct must offer policies with restrictions (like normal childbirth), with higher monthly rates, and more restrictive underwriting.

Private policies that cover accidents and illnesses only is simpler to find. You are buying true insurance coverage: accidents and illnesses that are not planned or expected. Many companies offer policies that you can purchase through your local broker.

The biggest advantage of buying a policy direct is convenience and access. Not every employer offers options to its employees. Buying individual short term disability insurance directly may be the only option to protect income for many people.