Free Dentures for Seniors on Medicare: Government Grants

seniors smiling with free dentures

Senior citizens quickly learn that they must pay out-of-pocket for dental treatment because their insurance (Medicare) excludes coverage for most types of oral care services.

Meanwhile, denture costs can range up to $8,000, a fortune for somebody living on a fixed retirement income. As is often the case, options for financial help exist if you know where to look and avoid the obvious.

How to Find Low-Cost Dental Implants in Your Local Area

woman searching online for low-cost dental implants

Why fly on an airplane to a foreign country just to get low-cost dental implants when you can find an affordable option in your neighborhood without sacrificing quality!

Hidden features built into insurance programs and the IRS tax code allow you to reduce your spending, provided you learn the secrets and put them into practice in advance.

Tubal Reversal Under $3,000 or $4,000 | Getting Insurance to Pay

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The best way to afford tubal ligation reversal is for a third party to pay the cost. Unfortunately, most health insurance companies rarely cover the surgical reversal of elective sterilizations.

Even when a legal mandate requires IVF, all bets are off after voluntary tubal ligation. However, you can still cover the intended outcome of a mom’s pregnancy, labor and delivery, and newborn baby.

2022 Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs: With and Without Insurance

impacted wisdom tooth needing removal

Did you know that 85% of people need to have their wisdom teeth removed before they reach twenty-five? If you or one of your family members is in this age range, it is time to get prepared.

Your health insurance should cover the cost of any impacted third molars as the primary payer. Therefore, you have an extra reason to enroll in Medicaid or buy a private policy on the state exchange.

Short-Term Disability Insurance for USPS Postal Employees

Dog dressed as postal worker next to mailbox

Postal employees find it difficult to get short-term disability because the USPS does not offer the benefit. Insurance companies avoid covering people working in high-risk occupations with repetitive tasks.

Fortunately, several companies serve this market through group plans issued through unions and the federal government. They prefer to pool risks rather than deal with individuals.

IVF is Tax Deductible | How to Get the Most Money Back

Blue sign depicting tax cut

One government agency provides the most significant help in paying for infertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The IRS allows couples to deduct unreimbursed medical expenses from their taxes using Schedule A and treatments to overcome the inability to have a bay qualify.

However, to maximize your refund, combine payments for treatment into one calendar year rather than spreading things out over time.

Free Wisdom Teeth Extraction Without Dental Insurance

Man holding extracted wisdom tooth

The thought of paying for the extraction of four wisdom teeth without insurance is scary for many patients who think they need a dental plan to cover the procedure.

In one case, they are correct (gum-impacted third molars.) However, when an oral surgeon pulls bony-impacted wisdom teeth, your medical insurance should pick up most of the tab – leading to free treatment for many patients.

Short-Term Disability Insurance for Self Employed Workers

Two self-employed tailors

Many self-employed workers seek out individual disability insurance in the belief that they have only one option. Policies purchased directly have limitations compared to those purchased through employer groups.

Sometimes the self-employed have employees of his or her own, or work as an independent contractor with a larger entity. Explore all options.

Does Short-Term Disability Cover Care of Family Members?

multi-generation family group

Both long and short-term disability insurance cover a wide array of medical conditions related to the insured person who is unable to work and earn an income.

Many times people must stop working to care for a family illness. Unfortunately, the policies rarely make claims payments for the caregiver.

Bad Credit Dental Financing | No Credit Check Payment Plans

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Paying for dental work with bad credit becomes extra expensive, particularly when uninsured. Not only is it hard to get approved by lenders, but they might also charge excessive interest and enormous origination fees.

Finding alternatives is the best way to go. A popular employee benefits program offers significant savings without a credit check.