How to Pay for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery with Bad Credit

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Most health insurance plans will not cover the costs of cosmetic surgery. They do not cover procedures that reshape healthy tissue to improve appearance.

Most patients must pay for the procedure out-of-pocket. Getting loans in advance gives you the flexibility to pick the top local surgeon – instead of one with in-house payment plans.

Does Medicaid Cover Braces for Adults & Kids in Your State?

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Paying for orthodontic braces is expensive for any family regardless of the resources at their disposal. Therefore, low-income households will find the treatment costs unaffordable.

Fortunately, Medicaid covers dental braces throughout the country, but with two critically different standards, with plenty of variation state-by-state. Learn the rules in your region.

Dental Financial Assistance Programs | Grants & Free Care

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How do you pay for expensive dental work when you have no money or insurance? Beware of misleading headlines you might find on other online resources.

Low-income patients often look for free services or grant programs. However, these resources are tough to find and help few people.

You have to look under many rocks and have an open mind.

Free Dental Implant Programs for Low Income | Grants

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What is the best way to afford dental implant surgery or dentures? Have somebody else give you the money via financial assistance or by government grants.

Unfortunately, charitable organizations rarely provide help for cosmetic procedures. However, the government provides grants hidden in the tax code.

Oregon Maternity & Paternity Leave | How Long & How Much?

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Maternity and paternity leave legal job rights in Oregon can last zero, twelve, or twenty-four weeks depending on your employer size, length of service, hours worked, and possible need to provide homecare for your infant.

Income benefits are a different matter. The new Paid Family Leave law does not kick in until 2023, so parents need to find an alternative in the interim: short-term disability.

Short-Term Disability Insurance in Florida | How to Apply

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The state of Florida does not replace your income while injured or sick. Do not look to the government for financial help during a temporary leave of absence from work.

Parents planning to have children have to purchase a policy privately. Do not wait until you are about to leave work to purchase coverage. By then it will be too late.

Emergency Car Repair Personal Loans for Bad Credit Scores

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Financing your car repairs can get your jalopy back on the road when you lack money in savings to pay the mechanic or service center.

However, proactive steps could make a difference.

Finding an online lender gives you more flexibility, especially if you have a weak credit history. Meanwhile, relying on shops that offer payment plans puts you in a vulnerable position.

Emergency Rent Assistance Loans for Eviction Prevention

Elderly couple facing an eviction notice

You have to follow the money and understand the application steps when you need help paying rent today to avoid eviction.

Private lenders can respond in a hurry, but you must repay the lender and your landlord at the same time while incurring borrowing costs. The federal government provides grant money to states so they can give subsidies to make apartment living more affordable for those who can wait.

How to Get a List of Local Eye Doctors That Accept Medicaid

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One critical factor determining your out-of-pocket costs for any elective eye surgery is whether your eye doctor participates as an in-network provider.

The equation gets even murkier for low-income families who rely on Medicaid for coverage. Now state rules might limit benefits for exams, glasses, and contacts. Plus, fewer providers accept these patients.

When Medicaid Covers Vision [Exams, Eyewear, Surgery]

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Medicaid is a valuable resource for low-income families struggling to make ends meet. Eye exams, glasses, contacts, and many surgeries can add to expenses.

Medicaid will often cover medically necessary procedures related to the eye. Correcting vision is hit or miss.