Inexpensive Dental Implants for Seniors Paid by Medicare

Elderly couple viewing dental X-ray

Dental implants for seniors on Medicare are anything but inexpensive, creating a dilemma for them because the need to replace missing teeth increases with age.

Unfortunately, original Medicare does not include dental benefits, and Advantage Plans have annual benefit maximums well below the cost of a single tooth implant.

Fortunately, seniors have other ways to reduce costs hidden below the surface of commonly used programs.

How Much Do Dentures Cost With Extractions With Insurance?

Elderly woman with dentures stuck on an apple

Dentures are not the most expensive dental procedure, but they could still be difficult to afford for seniors on a fixed income and younger people struggling to make ends meet.

Paying for dentures without insurance will set you back – especially if your teeth are already missing.

However, it would help if you did not overlook their cost with insurance because you could buy a dental plan, and healthcare and Medicaid often chip in to help.

Free Dentures for Low-Income Adults: Seniors on Medicare

seniors smiling with free dentures

Medicaid provides an avenue for low-income adults and dual-eligible seniors on Medicare to get free dentures, provided they live in one of the thirty-three states and choose the least expensive treatment alternative.

False teeth can cost up to $8,000. Therefore, it pays to consider every opportunity to reduce expenses when living with limited resources.

Who Is Eligible For Government Home Improvement Grants?

couple planning home improvement

Since a government grant represents free money you do not have to repay, you owe it yourself to see if you qualify before applying for a home improvement loan.

However, your choice of words matters.

Additional rooms or remodeled kitchens and baths increase property value while repairs restore essential functions. Government money is much easier to find for repairs than improvements, but every rule has exceptions.

Maternity Leave in Texas 2022: How Long? | Is It Paid?

Butterfly with Texas flag colors on wings

Texas has few state-specific maternity leave laws. Federal regulations provide job protection and health continuation rights, but with qualifying criteria.

New parents have to plan accordingly and utilize savings while bonding with the newborn baby because paid time off is scarce. Those ineligible for FMLA might have to return to work sooner – unless the employee handbook of their small business employer states otherwise.

Missouri Paternity & Maternity Leave Laws 2022 | FMLA

gerbera daisy flower and flag of us state of missouri

New parents in Missouri will find the options for financial assistance during a maternity or family medical leave of absence are very sparse. The state does not provide any paid leave benefits.

On the other hand, several federal regulations do provide unpaid legal job protections for a segment of workers. Pregnant women have exclusive rights, and workers at larger employers can take off 12 weeks without fear of losing their job.

Free Money For Healthcare Workers: Grants, Pay, Discounts

As the COVID pandemic begins to fade from public consciousness, the places where healthcare workers can turn to find free money diminish.

It was fashionable to honor essential personnel fighting on the frontlines for a time with extra pay and bonuses. Now, you must look for permanent government benefits such as grants (which do not go to individuals) and IRS tax deductions.

Emergency Car Repair Loans For Bad Credit: Fast Financing

Auto mechanic consulting with customer

Financing your car repairs can get your jalopy back on the road when you lack money in savings to pay the mechanic or service center.

However, proactive steps could make a difference.

Finding an online lender gives you more flexibility, especially if you have a weak credit history. Meanwhile, relying on shops that offer payment plans puts you in a vulnerable position.

Paying for Car Repairs When Broke: Free Financial Assistance

hand of mechanic with thumbs up and tool

Keeping an older car on the road can become costly as parts wear out and the vehicle breaks down more often. Surprise repair expenses can put motorists in a bind.

Financial assistance and insurance programs can keep you clunker running – if you can find the help in a suitable timeframe. Avoid having to take on an extra car payment when money is tight.

Personal Loans for People on Disability Benefits: Bad Credit

gavel on background of silhouettes signifying disability determination

People relying on Social Security Disability can get a personal loan even if they have bad credit by keeping the request size as small as possible.

Borrow money only during an emergency when doing so helps you avoid other costly fees. You have to repay the lender out of future government checks, which provide a subsistence living.