How Much Dentures Cost with Insurance | Medicare & Medicaid

Elderly woman with dentures stuck on an apple

Dentures are not the most expensive dental procedure, but they could still be difficult to afford for seniors on a fixed income and younger people struggling to make ends meet.

Paying for dentures without insurance will set you back – especially if your teeth are already missing.

However, it would help if you did not overlook their cost with insurance because you could buy a dental plan, and healthcare and Medicaid often chip in to help.

Length of Maternity Leave in South Carolina: Job Rights & Pay

South Carolina state emblem

New Parents having children in South Carolina learn first hand that the financial assistance programs do not include paid leave. Many families welcome a new baby into the home along with a pile of past due bills.

Several federal regulations provide unpaid legal job and health insurance protections that last up to 12 weeks. Approximately half of the workers in the state lack these safeguards because they do not qualify.

Financial Assistance for Pregnant Mothers | 23 Resources

Expectant parents holding cash with worried looks

Government financial assistance programs often help women during pregnancy. As with other programs, the money frequently flows from federal departments to state or county agencies.

Therefore, moms-to-be and their partners need to look under many different rocks to find help with money, free programs, and housing.

Using Installment Loans to Pay Off Payday Cash Advances

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Many consumers consider applying for an unsecured personal loan online to consolidate deferred deposit transactions. Doing so may lower projected annual interest rates, and temporarily relieve payment pressures from these expensive short-term contracts.

Be careful! You are trading one problem for another.

How Long is Maternity Leave in Connecticut for New Parents?

3-D Connecticut map with state emblem

Maternity leave laws in Connecticut are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, there is no single correct answer to how long any job protections and income support benefits might last.

Workplace laws have qualifying criteria and apply to employees based on the state where they work rather than where they reside. With so many out-of-state commuters, many families have vastly different experiences when taking leaves of absence.

How Low-Income Families Get Free Government Appliances

refrigerator flanked by washer and dryer

A home improvement loan approval could be the secret to getting appliances for free as the energy savings associated with upgrading from old inefficient refrigerators could be more than the purchase price.

The government follows a similar thought process when providing benefits to low-income families. In addition, agencies seek to help citizens while safeguarding the environment.

Which Credit Bureau is Most Important When Buying a House?

row of blue binders with one red binder sticking out

The most important credit bureau is the one your lender will use on your next transaction.

However, when buying a house, mortgage companies pull reports from all three agencies. Now, the bureau with unique information is most crucial because it could alter a lending decision.

LASIK Surgery Financing Bad Credit: Payment Plans & Grants

Green laser beam correcting eyesight

LASIK eye surgery is a common procedure requiring creative medical financing solutions. Most insurance plans classify the treatment as elective or cosmetic and do not pay benefits.

Your employer’s flexible spending account may be the ideal way to pay for this procedure, as it is a qualifying expense. Time the surgery to coincide with your new plan year.

Using a Health Savings Account (HSA) to Pay Dental Expenses

HSA in block letters with piggy bank

Sometimes you have to look under every rock to find help paying dental work expenses. Your Health Savings Account (HSA) is one good place to turn because you can use pre-tax dollars to fund treatment not covered by insurance.

Most services qualify – except for cosmetic services designed to improve appearance. Also, you may want to consider alternatives for predictable expenses, such as orthodontia.

IRS Dental Implant Discount Plans: Tax Deductible Savings

Dental implant tax discount

Patients need every little bit of help when paying for pricey dental implants out-of-pocket – even when they have insurance. Fortunately, these expenses are tax-deductible per IRS rules.

Make the most of your IRS discounts by choosing the money-saving vehicle that matches the number of teeth you are replacing: Schedule A, Flexible Spending, or Health Savings Account.