How To Get Gastric Bypass For Free: Government Funding

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Why finance your elective bariatric surgery when the government might issue indirect grants that help low-income patients with their weight loss?

Even the lowest cost option, Gastric Balloon, costs $8,000 without insurance, and most people living in poverty cannot afford to pay such a sum out-of-pocket themselves.

Benefits Available For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Many people look forward to their golden years as a time to travel and enjoy the free time of empty nesters. However, things don’t always go as planned.

Grandparents raising grandchildren is a new trend as substance abuse, and other issues sideline the younger generation of parents. Fortunately, many government benefits are available to help.

Does Medicaid Cover Dentures For Adults? How Often, If So?

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The difference between paying for dentures with and without insurance is staggering. Low-income patients wanting to improve their smiles and employability might not afford to replace missing teeth.

Fortunately, Medicaid often covers dentures for adults, but the benefits range widely depending on the reason and state rules where you live.

How To Find Dentists Accepting Adult Medicaid (Over 21)

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Sometimes, low-income families do not have to worry about paying for dental care without insurance because Medicaid might pick up part of the tab.

However, finding a dentist that accepts patients with this government-funded entitlement is often very tricky.

Identifying the provider directory of the Dental Benefits Manager connected to your plan is the key – if your state supports the benefit.

Assistance: First Month of Rent and the Security Deposit

Tenants moving from one apartment to another often lack the money for the security deposit and first month of rent. Various programs might help smooth out cash flows.

Section 8 vouchers lower your rental costs significantly over your lease term but do not help with these upfront costs. Tenants with good credit scores and verifiable income have an easy solution: personal loans.

Loans To Move Into An Apartment: Rent & Security Deposit

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Finding a quick online approval for a personal loan can help tenants move into their rental home or apartment. Money is often short when you must pay movers and cover the security deposit and rent in advance.

College students have three options to borrow money to pay for living expenses. The government opens up eligibility to anyone completing the FAFSA form – with limits on the principal amount.

How Much Is Artificial Insemination: Single Women, Twins

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Artificial insemination is one of the most commonly used first-line infertility treatments. The costs are low compared to the alternatives, so paying for the procedure is not a huge concern.

However, you should consider more than just the out of pocket costs on that one treatment. Your opportunity to purchase important coverage for the intended consequence evaporates with you big fat positive.

Car Dies And You Still Owe Money On The Financing

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Qualifying for a new auto loan will be challenging if you have negative equity (the amount owed exceeds the auction value) – especially if it requires significant repairs to make it roadworthy.

Drivers face a dilemma when their car dies while they still owe money. Is it better to fix or attempt to get rid of it somehow? Being above or underwater is the crucial variable.

How Long Is Paternity & Maternity Leave In New Jersey?

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New Jersey family and maternity leave laws provide partial income replacement and extend federal job-protections and rights – both in terms of the number of people, and the total length of time.

The Garden State has some of the most generous medical leave programs in the nation, funded by a small payroll tax taken out of everyone’s check.

NJ Calculator: Maternity Leave Pay | Temporary Disability

George Washington Bridge into New Jersey

The New Jersey temporary insurance (TDI) replaces up to 85% of a worker’s gross income, up to a hard dollar cap, which increases slightly every year.

The program applies to people who work in NJ, not residents. Many workers cross a river every morning on their out-of-state commute and lose access.