Supplemental Health Insurance: Pregnancy & Maternity Leave

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Supplemental maternity insurance coverage fills common holes found in almost every healthcare program. Normal childbirth is very expensive. Complicated delivery costs skyrocket quickly.

Every plan has deductibles and cost-sharing, and most women take unpaid maternity leave.

Enjoy cash benefits paid directly to you when you are admitted to the hospital to deliver your baby, and when taking time away from work to recover from childbirth.

Dependent Care FSA Rules | Non-Working Spouses, Expenses

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Parents with young children can save thousands of dollars every year by contributing to a Dependent Care FSA.

You might want to investigate flexible spending account eligibility rules if one spouse is not working, or if your child attended virtual camp during the COVID pandemic.

Healthcare FSA for Pregnancy & Baby: How Much to Put In?

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How much money should you contribute to your flexible account during your pregnancy? This is a common question, with a difficult answer. Many healthy pregnancies generate a modest amount of predictable medical expenses: extra doctor visits, testing, labor, and delivery.

Unpredictable medical events happen during pregnancy as well. However, it is better not to include these in your projected expenses. You might lose some money.

Financial Help for Medical Bills: Grants & Government Programs

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Find what limited resources are available in your state for financial assistance if you are having difficulty paying medical bills, or need income support while taking unpaid leave from work.

Private companies, government agencies, and charitable organizations offer more than 50 different programs that can help patients with prescription drug costs and more.

3 IRS Dental Implant Discount Plans: Tax Deductible Savings

Dental implant tax discount

Patients need every little bit of help when paying for pricey dental implants out-of-pocket – even when they have insurance. Fortunately, these expenses are tax-deductible per IRS rules.

Make the most of your IRS discounts by choosing the money-saving vehicle that matches the number of teeth you are replacing: Schedule A, Flexible Spending, or Health Savings Account.

Cars with Bad Credit & No Money Down: Buy or Lease?

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Having a good credit score and a sizable down payment are two very important eligibility criteria for auto financing. If you rank poorly in these two areas, the lender will require that you perform well on the third – your debt-to-income ratio.

Fortunately, this final element is completely within your control. Choose a model that you can comfortably afford, and steer away from future financial difficulties.

Paying for IVF with Bad Credit: Medical Loans, Payment Plans

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Paying for In Vitro Fertilization when you have bad credit history appearing on your consumer report and a subsequent low FICO or Vantage score will prove challenging.

Lenders rarely approve applications from people with weak borrowing credentials, especially when they need to finance an average of $15,000 per cycle.

Therefore, you might want to develop a strategy and fallback option: such as financial assistance or insurance coverage.

IVF Financial Assistance: Grants, Scholarships, & Free Care

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Almost everyone needs help paying for In Vitro Fertilization out-of-pocket. One cycle is expensive enough. When a couple needs multiple cycles to conceive, finances get very tight.

Fortunately, there are resources that can help with treatment costs. Charitable organizations provide grants, when funds are available. Find alternatives with better odds of success.

Maternity Leave in Tennessee | How Many Weeks | How Much $

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Tennessee has one state-specific law regarding maternity leave. The federal rule covers more people but allows for less time off.

Like many localized regulations, questions often arise about who is eligible, what job protection benefits are available, and how it compares and works with its federal counterpart.

Credit Bureau With the Lowest, Middle, or Highest Score

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Personal trainers help people get into shape by identifying weaknesses and developing exercise routines to target improvement in those areas.

Consumers seeking to improve their risk ratings can try the same approach. They identify the consumer credit reporting agency with the lowest score and try to improve it.

However, you do not want to overlook elements from your highest score that could be missing elsewhere.