No Waiting Period Insurance For Wisdom Teeth Removal

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In a utopian society, people could buy dental insurance on the way to the dentist, have the work done, and drop the policy right after the company paid the claim.

Would you take that deal if you were the insurance company? We don’t think so.

However, many can get immediate coverage for bone-impacted wisdom teeth removal because medical insurance honors these claims.

Free Water Heaters: Five Government Assistance Programs

One home repair we all dread is a leaky water heater. One day, you turn on the shower and shiver as cold water shoots from the spout. Then you find a massive puddle in the basement spelling “big surprise bill!”

Fortunately, at least four government programs assist when upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient models that heat your water while consuming less gas or electricity.

Short-Term & Temporary Disability in Arizona | Qualifications

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Do not count on state-mandated short-term disability insurance for financial assistance during an extended work absence. Arizona does not offer a program that provides income replacement benefits for non-occupational medical conditions.

Parents and other people concerned about paying their bills while unable to work must purchase an individual or group policy before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. The entitlement works best when offered through an employer.

How To Find Local Eye Doctors That Accept Medicare

The most critical factor for seniors when estimating their eye surgery or glasses cost is whether their doctor accepts Medicare assignment.

Medicare Part B does not include vision benefits, while some Advantage Plans do. Therefore, finding a local optometrist hinges on your type of coverage.

All Medicare plans types cover treatment for eye diseases. Finding ophthalmologists has other wrinkles.

Applying for Rhode Island TDI: Rules, Pay, Claims Status

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The mandatory Rhode Island temporary disability insurance program is one of only seven in the United States. The plan provides critical income support when employees are unable to work because of an off-the-job medical condition.

See how much it pays, how long it lasts, and determine the steps needed to apply for benefits.

Length of Rhode Island Parental Leave Pay & Job Rights

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The state of Rhode Island has some of the most comprehensive regulations affecting growing families while on maternity leave. Healthcare utilization is very high when mom gives birth, and lost income could be crippling.

Several family-friendly regulations provide additional job security and health insurance continuation for extended pregnancy leave, along with three forms of income replacement.

Finding Local Dentists That Accept Your Medical Insurance

You might be aware that health insurance sometimes covers dental work when medically necessary, care arising from non-biting accidents, certain diseases, and treatments considered integral to other services included in the plan.

Finding a dentist that accepts your medical insurance is not the most significant challenge if you do not have dental insurance. Getting the claim paid matters far more.

Can Dentists Charge More Than Insurance Allows On EOB?

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Not all dental insurance plans work the same way. PPO and EPO designs include a contracted amount that the provider agrees to accept as full payment for covered services.

If your provider charges more than what your plan approves or allows you could have reason to dispute the bill, or you may have to bite the bullet. Your fate depends on several factors.

Emergency Help Paying Auto Insurance Monthly Premiums

Sometimes, making the monthly payment on your auto loan proves to be too much, notably if you purchased a car too expensive for your budget.

People often forget to factor in the cost of insuring the vehicle when making financing decisions, which can lead to trouble if you miss a payment. Driving uninsured has negative consequences you do not want to experience first-hand.

Emergency assistance might be the answer.

Short-Term Disability Michigan Requirements: How to Apply

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New parents in Michigan frequently turn to the state disability program when looking for ways to afford time off from work. The same holds true for residents who suffer an accident or illness.

Most people must look elsewhere for financial assistance during a work absence. The state does not offer a policy covering non-occupational incidents. You must purchase private coverage in advance of your need to file a claim.