California Parental Leave | Pay Amount & Length of Time Off

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Paid maternity and family medical leave programs in California are lifesavers for parents having children. Both mom and dad want to spend time at home bonding with baby.

This direct form of financial assistance keeps families afloat when one or both parents cannot work. The benefit is most valuable when someone suffers a disability – which happens frequently during pregnancy.

Cost of In Vitro Fertilization in California | Insurance

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Many California couples face difficulty having a family in the first place. Those coping with the pain of infertility often face the prospect of paying for treatments themselves.

The state does have an infertility insurance law. The private companies must provide direct financial assistance for help with certain medical bills. However, IVF remains the most expensive self-pay treatment.

Arizona Maternity & Paternity Leave | Paid Time Off & FMLA

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New parents having children will find limited financial assistance during a leave of absence from work. State and federal parental leave law offer very limited income protections.

However, having a job and keeping access to health insurance is also very important. Learn about the rights you could enjoy while taking time at home to recover from childbirth or to bond with your newborn baby.

Filing for Disability in Virginia: Short-Term & SSDI

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The Commonwealth of Virginia does not have a mandatory temporary disability program for taxpayers working in the private industry. However, state government employees enjoy this benefit.

Therefore, most people need to take proactive steps to obtain coverage before getting sick, hurt, or pregnant. Social Security disability covers the less common permanent medical conditions.

Virginia FMLA: Maternity & Paternity Leave Laws 2022

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Parents having children in Virginia find little in the way of financial support from the Commonwealth during parental leave. Mom and dad must find alternatives to cut expenses and find additional resources while caring for a newborn.

The federal FMLA provides unpaid job protections for workers who qualify. Those who are ineligible face the prospect of job loss as well.

Paying for College When Your Parents Have Bad Credit

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Growing up in a home where your parents have bad credit can hamper your lifestyle. Poor borrowing credentials affect the type of house they can buy, and the type of car they can drive.

However, the tables turn when it comes time to apply for college financial aid! Need-based scholarships go to students with low family incomes and assets.

Complete the FAFSA form and watch the rich, cool kids pay through the nose while you get a free ride.

When Does College Financial Aid Count As Income?

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You can count excess financial aid as income on applications. Sometimes this helps your cause.

For example, student loan refund money deposited into your bank account can fund credit card and rental housing payments.

On the other hand, the money held in an account becomes a countable resource, which could hurt access to Medicaid.

Wisconsin FMLA: Maternity & Paternity Leave Laws

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New parents are often in need of financial assistance when they must stop working during maternity and paternity leave. Most employers do not provide paid leave, and the state does not have a mandatory policy.

Two FMLA laws do offer job protections and health insurance continuation for workers at employers with more than 50 employees.

Buying Supplemental Cancer Insurance Policies

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A review of the pros and cons of supplemental cancer insurance can help you decide whether purchasing a policy is worthwhile.

The drawback is that you must enroll before any diagnosis, and could pay premiums for decades and never use the coverage.

Patients diagnosed later in life see the advantages in living color.

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Minnesota

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Many different private and government programs offer financial assistance for single mothers in Minnesota. It is very difficult to earn sufficient income while raising children by yourself.

Find the monetary help you need to deal with emergency hardship situations caused by unemployment, medical bills, or a period with a disability.