Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage no Waiting Period

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A variety of health insurance programs provide maternity benefits with no waiting period for preexisting conditions. The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to offer this benefit.

However, the start date of the coverage is a different issue. Public programs such as Medicaid can begin right away. However, private policies may force a delay until January 1 – unless you find a loophole.

Short-Term Disability Insurance in Tennessee | Applying

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Short-term disability insurance in Tennessee helps families replace a portion of income when a person is unable to work due to a covered accident or illness that occurs off the job.

The state does not require a program replacing income for people with temporary disabilities for non-occupational medical conditions. Worker’s compensation only covers on-the-job incidents and Social Security permanent impairments.

Which Elective Surgeries Does State Medicaid Cover?

man confused about Medicaid coverage for surgery

Why take on debt to finance an elective surgery when Medicaid might cover the procedure? Low-income families have enough trouble paying regular bills without added expenses.

Medical necessity, the least costly alternative, and state-specific rules are variables in the equation determining whether your plan will pay for a specific operation. Get yourself ready.

Short-Term Disability Insurance in Massachusetts [TDI]

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently joined the ranks of states with mandatory short-term disability benefits covering off-the-job accidents and illnesses.

The MA Paid Family Leave program provides benefits for workers who cannot perform their job duties due to a covered accident or illness – including pregnancy-related medical conditions.

Government Financial Assistance While on Maternity Leave

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Many state based health benefit programs fill holes in federal programs such as paid maternity leave.

Too many couples find themselves in a financial bind when mom stops working to deliver her baby, and spend time bonding with her infant.

Find a variety of options to help you survive by cutting expenses or finding wage replacement benefits.

What Makes Supplemental Dental Insurance Affordable?

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We all may be familiar with how traditional dental insurance plans work. You visit the dentist, had your dental card to the billing manage, the office submits the claim, the insurance company pays the office, and then you receive a bill for the uncovered balance.

Sometimes those uncovered amounts are quite large, which is why you might need a supplemental policy.

Secrets to Dental Insurance Covering Cosmetic Procedures

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Most dental insurance plans will cover medically necessary procedures, the treatments that affect your teeth, and your gums’ long-term health and viability.

However, all bets are off when it comes to services that improve appearance only. You may have to purchase an optional rider or find a cross-over point.

Learn the secrets to success.

Individual Disability Insurance Quotes [Online Comparisons]

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Get quotes and rates to find out what the monthly premium might cost. Premiums vary based upon the policy features you select: elimination period, benefit period, and monthly benefit amount. Your age, the state where you work, and the industry of your employer also factor into the equation.

Find alternatives sources of help if you are currently disabled or have an existing health condition.

Medically Necessary Braces [Medicaid & Private Insurance]

man asking "Is it necessary?"

Learn the medically necessary definition because your dental plan or health insurance will use this standard to approve or deny a claim for orthodontic braces.

You will find two primary benchmarks because health and dental insurance cover different parts of your body and follow different rules. Then, Medicaid is a hybrid of the two – with special regulations in each state.

Paying for Orthodontic Braces on a Finance Plan

Three teeth with green braces

Paying for braces can prove challenging for parents without dental insurance that covers orthodontia. Even those with coverage still face significant unreimbursed expenses.

Financing options include personal loans, credit cards, and orthodontist-sponsored prepayment plans. Patients with bad credit history face obstacles they can overcome with planning.