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How do you pay for cosmetic surgery when you have bad credit history and lack money in savings to fund the procedure upfront?

Financing approvals are typically very rare for patients with low FICO or Vantage scores (550 and below). Therefore, you need a strategy that does not waste time or money.

Finding a local surgeon that offers payment plans is rarely the answer because you are just playing with words. There is one exception: when your procedure is medically necessary, and your health insurance picks up most of the tab.

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Cosmetic Surgery Financing Bad Credit

Financing cosmetic surgery when you have a bad credit history will prove challenging and requires a three-part strategy.

  1. Keep monthly payments affordable relative to income
  2. Overcome low approval odds with vast lender networks
  3. Avoid misleading and expensive alternatives
    1. In-house programs
    2. Guaranteed approvals
    3. No credit checks

Personal Loans

It’s easy to get a personal loan online (Affiliate Link) to finance cosmetic surgery because you get your profile before a vast network of subprime lenders by completing a single web-based form.

Patients with lousy credit face high rejection rates. Therefore, allowing an extensive network of subprime companies to compete for your business is a viable strategy. Be prepared with these elements to boost your approval odds further.

  • Driver license number to verify your identity
  • Bank routing and account numbers to facilitate payment
  • Employer name, address, and phone number

If approved, the lender will deposit the loan proceeds into your checking account, which puts you in control of the process. Money in the bank allows you to choose the cosmetic surgeon with the most experience.

No Credit Check

No credit check cosmetic surgery financing is an appealing option for patients with lousy FICO or Vantage scores because the lender does not pull a copy of your consumer report that shows adverse history: delinquency, charge-offs, repossessions, etc.

No credit check underwriting means that lenders put aside their most critical risk assessment tool and ignore these black marks. Therefore, expect to incur higher costs: origination fees, interest charges, late payment penalties, and other onerous terms.

No Cosigner

Cosmetic surgery financing for patients with lousy credit and no cosigner have an even higher bar to meet. Without a qualified cosigner to assume responsibility in the event of future delinquency, lenders will require something more.

Patients with scores below 550 and without a cosigner have two strikes against them and will have to shine in the remaining area: employment history and income.


In-house financing for cosmetic surgery is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for patients with lousy credit either. Plus, it makes no sense when you think about it critically.

Would you go to your local bank and ask if they performed Sono Bello or liposuction in-house? Of course, that would be silly.

Most surgical centers touting in-house financing refer patients to third-party companies specializing in risk underwriting, billings, and collections.

These specialty organizations are not more lenient! You risk rejection by waiting until the last minute to apply while sitting in your provider’s office.


Beware of any provider touting guaranteed cosmetic surgery financing, and make sure to read the fine print (if there is any) before signing on the dotted line. No legitimate company can promise approval for patients with lousy credit without a catch.

Research the guaranteed offers as we did, and you will find one or more of these flies in the ointment that ought to give you reasons to be skeptical.

  • No disclosures whatsoever about their approval assurances  
  • Promises that apply to qualified applicants only
  • 80% down payment required upfront

Cosmetic Surgery Payment Plans

Payment plans for cosmetic surgery are just another term for financing. Patients with bad credit are unlikely to be more successful by looking for local providers offering this service – with one notable exception.

A payment plan is a contract to exchange an immediate benefit (surgical procedure) in return for a promise to make monthly installments in the future. It sounds a lot like a personal loan or revolving credit card!

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery payment plans for bad credit are the one exception to the rule. The words matter a great deal in this context and could translate into an enormous advantage.

  • Plastic surgery reconstructs facial and body defects and is often medically necessary, which means health insurance could pick up most of the tab with appropriate documentation compiled by your local provider.
  • Cosmetic surgery reshapes healthy tissue to improve appearance, which means that insurance will not cover most of these procedures.
Fat ReductionFat Transfer
LiposuctionBrazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
Cool SculptingAir Sculpt
Sono BelloFacial Fat Grafting
KybellaBreast Augmentation
Lipoma RemovalHand Rejuvenation
Face & NeckBody Lifts
Chin ImplantsMommy Makeover
Lip EnhancementTummy Tuck
RhinoplastyDiastasis Recti
DermatologyHair Loss
DermabrasionHair Transplant
Dermal FillersHair Implants
Tattoo RemovalPlatelet-rich plasma (PRP)


For example, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) payment plans are no different than any of the financing options for patients with lousy FICO or Vantage scores (below 550) already discussed above.

  • BBL loans online introduce a volume of subprime lenders
  • BBL without a credit check means higher borrowing costs
  • BBL with guaranteed approval requires an 80% deposit
  • BBL “in-house” means a third-party company referral

Also, Brazilian Butt Lifts are never medically necessary, which means that insurance will not cover the procedure or any complications arising from the operation. Be prepared with an emergency fund.