Consumers ask interesting questions. One interesting question goes like this. What credit card offer is best when building a house?

You may want to focus on how you use the new account, rather than what rewards you might garner, or the interest-free features you might exploit. Your mortgage interest costs are far more important.


Banks attempt to send preapproved credit card offers to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel. Direct mail is not always the right channel.

Follow links to explore online offers if you prefer this channel, and the timing works better for you.


Nobody likes rejection. Everyone wants to be wanted by somebody, even if it is an impersonal bank.

Rejection can feel even worse if someone set an expectation of acceptance. Preapproved credit card offers promise acceptance, provided you continue to meet their criteria.


Coveting means wanting what somebody else has, that we do not. Your neighbor, spouse, or sibling may be getting many preapproved credit card offers in the mail. You may feel left out.

These offers are highly targeted. Banks utilize very selective criteria that may surprise you. It could be that you just are not risky enough for them.


Banks target preapproved credit card offers to people with decent credit. They do not send the offers to people with sterling risk scores. Likewise, they do not target people unlikely to open the envelopes.

People with bad credit open the envelopes. Being hungry for new loans encourages more offers, provided your payment status is not too awful.


Ninety nine percent of preapproved credit card offers utilize soft inquiries only. Each time a bank sends a prescreened letter in the mail, the consumer-reporting agency logs a promotional inquiry.

When the recipient opens his or her mailbox, what happens next determines if a hard inquiry is logged as well.


If you shop in a department store, there is a very good chance the retail clerk will offer you an amazing discount, if you just apply for their brand’s credit card.

These offers are very tempting. Thirty percent off on a large purchase translates into big savings. You may wonder how opening a department store card affects your risk score.


You may have received a rewards card offer in the mail promising large amounts of free travel points just for singing up. Many bloggers devote entire sites to break down how to churn these offers to gain free travel around the world.

You may wonder, “Why do the banks send out these rewards cards offers that are so enticing?” How can they make money? Not every churns and many more forget to redeem their points.


The Wizard of Oz worked behind a black curtain to hide the fact that he was a mere mortal man, rather than what he projected on the screen. People are naturally skeptical of his claims afterwards.

The process behind preapproved credit card offers works in a similar fashion. Everything happens behind closed doors. Gain an insider’s perspective on the inner workings.