A diagnosis from the doctor or a sudden accident off the job is one of the most common motivators that spur people to begin looking at short-term disability insurance.

For many people, they waited until it was too late. It may be very difficult to purchase new coverage. If they qualify for a policy, they still must wait 12 months to file a claim.


Short-term disability insurance does not cover chronic and acute episodes of mental illnesses. However, some patients can buy a small policy to address common side effects of potent medications.

Several government-based programs may provide financial assistance for this vulnerable population.


Both long and short-term disability insurance cover a wide array of medical conditions related to the insured person who is unable to work and earn an income.

Many times people must stop working to care for a family illness. Unfortunately, the policies rarely make claims payments for the caregiver.


Adoption leave is a covered reason under the Family Medical Leave Act. Both parents can take twelve months of unpaid, job-protected leave to bond with an adopted child.

Many women enjoy paid leave benefits using short-term disability insurance when delivering their biological child. Adoptive mothers are not disabled, but birth mothers are.


Many valid medical conditions might trigger a claims payment for any disability insurance policy. Rather than publish an exhaustive list of every conceivable covered condition, each policy will provide a list of exclusions.

The exclusions fall into several broad categories such as preexisting conditions, and injuries that occur while engaged in listed activities.


Drug and alcohol abuse can be very disruptive to a person’s family, and at the workplace. An extended stay in a rehabilitation unit may be the only long-term solution to the problem.

Employees must leave work to enter rehab. Some short-term disability insurance plans may cover the stay for prescription drug dependency.


Paid paternity leave benefits have become a more frequent news topic. Many men want to take time from work to bond with a newborn baby, or to care for their wives while expecting.

Short-term disability insurance does not cover fathers unless they experience a medical event themselves. This is usually not the case with newborn children.