Small business owners should not assume that individual disability insurance is their one and only option. Individual policies have limitations when purchase directly. Features are better when purchased through groups.

Small businesses with three or more benefits eligible employees can offer individual coverage, and gain the advantages of group underwriting, and better features.


Employers are the first and best place to find individual disability insurance policies. However, not every employer provides an option. Many policies are employee paid, and still many workers lack the option.

People look for an option they can purchase outside of their employer. Many options do exist, but these policies do not cover childbirth. Speak up! Ask your employer for a voluntary option.


There are several types of individual disability insurance. One type is in very high demand and exists in an unlikely form.

Personal policies covering normal childbirth are very attractive, and can be purchased when offered at the worksite. Private plans sold directly offer convenience. Discover the type most suited to your needs


Many self-employed workers seek out individual disability insurance in the belief that they have only one option. Policies purchased directly have limitations compared to those purchased through employer groups.

Sometimes the self-employed have employees of his or her own, or work as an independent contractor with a larger entity. Explore all options.