Long-term disability insurance covers a wide array of medical conditions that may prevent you from working and earning an income. Like most forms of private contracts you must begin the coverage before the need arises, and not after.

Many site visitors ask a common set of questions which most frequently fall into the excluded category.


Long-term disability insurance policies often contain elimination periods of three months or longer. Benefit payments last up to age sixty-five if continually disabled.

Most women taking leave from work to recover from a normal childbirth require six to eight weeks. Policies with shorter elimination periods provide a much better fit.


Online long-term disability quotes are available here instantly. See sample rates for several different policy configurations to compare estimated monthly premiums to different policy features.

There is no need to provide personal information for instant rates. Request personalized rates based by answering questions that are more detailed.


The length of benefit period is often a primary concern of certain groups of workers. Many need income replacement immediately. Others invested heavily in their education and occupation, and need income replacement that continues on to age 65.

Long-term disability insurance works for people in the latter category. It is not designed for temporary medical conditions such as pregnancy.