The most comforting thing about asking your employer for voluntary paid maternity leave benefits is that you do not have to mention anything about your personal plans. You only have to suggest that there are insurance programs important to you and your family, which you cannot buy directly as an individual.

You refer your employer to a different website that focuses on generic health care issues.


By asking your employer to offer voluntary paid maternity leave benefits, you also help the lower costs and improve employee retention. Pretax payroll deductions lower employer payroll taxes. Expanded benefit options help employer attract and retain qualified workers.

You create a win-win scenario. Not only do you get what you need, your employer gains as well!


You do not have to ask your employer for voluntary paid maternity leave benefits by yourself. You have a benefits advocate on your side. Most employees do not have an in-depth understanding of voluntary benefits, nor should they.

Make your request known. Make a simple introduction, and turn the reigns over to an experienced insurance agent who specializes in working with employer groups.