Does your health insurance company or plan cover vasectomy reversal? Most likely, they paid for the initial sterilization. You may be wondering why they pay for one elective procedure, and not another.

Learn the reasons why, and find two alternative programs that make getting pregnant and having a baby more affordable.


Several faith-based charitable organizations exist that provide financial assistance with the out-of-pocket costs associated with vasectomy reversal. Funding is limited, and qualifications are tight.

Government grants are available to all if you just relabel a common program we all hate. Your costs qualify as tax deductions.


The average cost of vasectomy reversal without insurance ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 depending upon the type of operation your doctor recommends. That is a large amount of money.

The amount you spend varies some by state, but other related state-based regulations may provide assistance in unexpected areas. Be prepared.


Vasectomy reversal financing and loans allow couples to begin the procedure right away, have a baby, and spread payments out over time. Why waste valuable time trying to save up. The clock is ticking.

Do not overlook one low cost option that actually saves money, and offers guaranteed approvals.