It would be nice if you could find someone else to help you pay for your tubal ligation reversal surgery. There are non-profit agencies that raise money to assist deserving couples afford the procedure, but not everyone qualifies, and funds are limited.

There are government programs (think IRS) that help lower costs, and ways to help yourself that you might have overlooked.


The best way to afford paying for tubal ligation reversal is for a third party to cover the cost. Use someone else’s money. Most health insurance companies rarely cover the surgical reversal of elective sterilizations.

However, many healthcare plans may cover IVF, which is a common alternative to untying your tubes. In addition, many more cover the likely consequences. Make the right comparisons before getting started.


Tubal ligation reversal seems very expensive, as most couples must fund the entire expense out of pocket. Rarely does insurance cover the surgery. Many couples research cost by geographic location, when the best cost-saving measures lie elsewhere.
Every surgeon and facility will have similar prices, but varying success rates. The biggest savings come by looking ahead to a successful outcome.


Many couples may not have enough cash on hand to pay for their tubal ligation reversal surgery. There are a variety of financing options to get you started. However, you want payments terms that you can afford once mom becomes pregnant, and you lose her income.

Lock in income security prior or shortly after completing your surgical procedure. This way you won’t miss any loan repayments.