Find instant whole life insurance quotes online free without leaving this website. Make comparisons of premium costs for many different policy variations such as the death benefits amount, and optional riders.

There is no need to schedule an appointment or invite a pushy agent into your home in order to address your unique needs. Find immediate cost estimates for babies, adults, seniors, and those wishing to avoid medical examinations. Make quick premium rate comparisons.

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Instant Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online

Our instant whole life insurance quotes provide you with an immediate online result for each query. On many other websites found on the internet, you must complete an intrusive form. After clicking the submit button the information goes to a lead company who then disperses your information to agents who then follow up by phone, email, mail, etc.

Work differently. Click a link; enter pertinent information about your age, gender, smoking status, and rider options. Click the second link to see your estimate. An agent will not call.

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For Baby

Get instant whole life insurance quotes here online for your newborn baby. Cash values accumulate quickly when the insured person has many years left to live. Proud grandparents find that buying a policy is a great gift.

Your newborn baby will soon outgrow the cute onesies, rattles, and other gimmicky toys. He or she will never outgrow a low-price policy that accumulates cash value for use later in life.

For Adults

Adults find that online instant whole life insurance quotes help them shop around for the best deal to protect their loved ones. New parents suddenly are motivated to make certain that they have a permanent form of coverage.

Adults can choose to cover just themselves, their spouses, and all of their dependent children. Get an immediate premium estimate for each configuration option.

For Seniors

Seniors find that shopping around for instant whole life insurance quotes online allows them to compare options to provide a legacy, or just cover burial expenses. Premium rates are one big consideration. Qualifying is even bigger.

An elderly population by nature has more health issues. This makes it more difficult to pass underwriting criteria. By keeping the death benefit below $100,000, seniors are more likely to qualify for coverage.

Free Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online

Request a free whole life insurance quotes online to give you the ability to shop around for the best rates and configurations right from the comfort of your computer, laptop, or cell phone. Take your time to discover the extra premium costs associated with riders, and buying without taking a medical examination.

The projected cash values illustrate the amounts available for a loan at specific time intervals and ages.


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No Medical Exam

You can get free whole life insurance quote online without needing a medical exam. Keep in mind that you pay extra for avoiding the doctor, giving blood, and providing a stool sample.

Choose a death benefits amount under $100,000 to avoid the medical exam. Most companies perform medical underwriting on applications that exceed a certain death benefits amount. The larger the amount, the more closely the company will scrutinize an application. The closer the scrutiny the more likely the final premium costs may be somewhat higher after completing an application.

Optional Riders

The free online whole life insurance quote tool allows you to consider the impact of three optional riders. Riders are optional components that you can attach to your policy.

If you click “yes” to any of the rider options, the tool will provide a cost estimate. By clicking “no,” the response field will show a zero. Here are the rider options.

  • Waiver of Premium – waives premiums if you are disabled more than one hundred eighty days.
  • Spouse Term Rider – allows you to purchase term coverage for your spouse, which is convertible to a cash value version with no evidence of insurability.
  • Children’s Term Rider – allow you to purchase term coverage for your dependent children at one single premium rate for any number of children. Conversion to a cash value policy is available without proof of insurability.

Cash Values

Your free online whole life insurance quote will include cash value projections, which are a key feature. Projected cash values are a function of the age of the prospective insured, the selected death benefits amount, and the guaranteed interest rate.

The comparison that people need to make is the cost of waiting to begin. Waiting to begin means higher premiums, and less time for the cash value to grow inside the policy. Compare the projected cash values at age 65 and age 75 when you begin now to when you begin ten years from now.