We provide instant long-term disability insurance quotes here online. Find sample premium rates and policy configurations. Review sample policy configurations and see examples by age and industry classification.

Determine if a policy fits your budget and needs. Long-term disability insurance quotes will vary based on your age at the time of application, and your state of residence. The biggest factors affecting your estimated monthly premium cost are occupation and income.

  • Your occupation: occupation drives the risk rating of your policy. See below for further details
  • Your income: determines what monthly income replacement amount you qualify to buy

Online Long-Term Disability Insurance Quotes

Online long-term disability insurance quotes help you determine the monthly premium rates for the policy configuration that best meets your needs. Estimates may vary depending upon whether you want individual coverage, or you are enrolling through an employer group.

 Complete the web-based form if you are healthy and actively working. 

Request an online long-term disability quote here. An agent may contact you by phone or email.

Keep in mind that you must be healthy enough to qualify, and any new policy will exclude pre-existing conditions for at least one year. It does not make sense to request a price estimate for a policy you cannot buy, or will not cover your existing condition.

Individual Rates

Online long-term disability quotes for individuals allow you to estimate monthly premium rates for plans you purchase outside of your employer, or as a self-employed business owner. The plan design and policy configuration are the most important components.

  • Length of benefit period: the time the policy replaces income
  • Elimination period: how quickly benefits begin being paid
  • Monthly benefit amount: the amount of income replaced by the policy
  • Policy riders: optional elections that you can add to your policy

Individual short-term disability is often a better fit for applicants living check-to-check.

Group Rates

Online long-term disability quotes for employer group plans work differently. If you are an employee, you should contact your employers benefit decision maker for estimated rates. If you are an employee benefits decision maker, one of our agents can provide you with a proposal.

Estimates for group plans require an employee census. The level of employer contribution will also play a role in determining other important features such as guaranteed acceptance.

Instant Long-Term Disability Insurance Quotes

We can provide instant long-term disability insurance quotes by publishing average monthly premium cost estimates. First, read about how your occupation may affect what you might pay. Then scroll down the page for immediate gratification and a sense for what to budget.

Request a disability insurance quote for a more precise figure. An agent will contact you shortly after you complete the form.

Low-Cost Occupations

Low-cost long-term disability quotes belong to those working in the safest industries, performing the safest job functions. The perceived riskiness of your occupation also plays a role in what you may have to pay.

Low-Risk Professionals

Professionals are least likely to be exposed to occupational hazards and pay the lowest premiums. Office workers such as executives, accountants, consultants, technology workers fall into this category.

Other professionals pay slightly higher rates because certain activities lead to higher level of exposure: speech therapists, sales executives, pastors, etc.

Medium Risk Industries

People working in a light industry where manual skills are required pay the next higher tier of rates: beauticians, doctors, dentists, electricians, machine operators, nurses, plumbers, etc.

High-Risk Occupations

People working with heavy equipment and those who need to do heavy lifting pay the highest rates: bus drivers, casino employees, chiropractors, police officers, hotel workers, etc.

Average Cost Estimates

One way of getting an instant long-term disability quote is to look at averages. The average monthly premium cost for a typical policy configuration may give you an idea of what you may need to spend to protect your income.

Review the table below for a starting point on what you might spend. These sample rates depict the annual premium cost for a policy with a $5,000 monthly benefit amount, for an applicant in a moderate risk occupation category. The amount you may actually pay will vary by carrier and the occupation category of your full-time occupation.

Wait PeriodAge 35Age 45
30 Days$4,800$6,000
60 Days$3,200$4,000
90 Days$2,400$3,000
180 Days$2,100$2,600
365 Days$1,600$2,000

Tax Deductible Premiums

When evaluating the instant long-term disability quote, consider the tax consequences. When your employer pays a portion of the premium, and when you pay using pretax payroll deductions you save money initially, but the benefit becomes taxable. Conversely, when you pay the premiums using the after-tax money, you keep the full benefit and do not pay any taxes.

Adjust your budget accordingly. You may not want to scale back your monthly benefit amount if paying with after tax dollars.