There are many different points when a third party may want an accounting of family assets. We live in a world of progressive taxation, where those who earn and save carry a heavier load. On the other hand, having extra assets comes in handy when applying for mortgages.

Cash value life insurance sometimes counts as an asset, and sometimes not. Even term life can count as an asset when the policyholder invokes the living benefit clause.


Insurable interest is an important industry term worth understanding if your children’s father provides support. Without insurable interest, this is nothing worth protecting.

You may rely on his support to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities. Protecting the support is an important step. You can purchase life insurance on your children’s father prior to marriage, during marriage, and after a divorce, if there is an insurable interest.


You commonly see people asking which life insurance policy type is best. There is one single right answer. Each policy type has different features and benefits designed to address specific needs.

Understanding your family needs is the primary role of a well-trained agent. Then after understanding your needs, the agent can make specific recommendations that best match your needs. He can discuss the pros and cons of each policy type relative to needs.


This author has a twenty-year term life policy. It would take over 600 years of premium payments to fund the death benefit amount. There is no way he will live that long. The math seems very wrong.

How do life insurance companies make money when charging so little for such a big death benefit amount? You have to look at the odds of his passing away while the policy is in force.


Open enrollment time rolls around again, and employees are faced with a barrage of confusing choices to make. One of the more important choices revolving around whether to purchase employer sponsored programs, or go out and buy a similar program directly as an individual.

Life insurance through your employer has unique advantages and disadvantages. Cost is the primary advantage. Portability could leave you without coverage if you leave your employer.