Life Insurance Quotes for Parents with Children

The time to get free life insurance quotes and buy a policy is when your family is young.

This rule applies to both new parents and their dependents. Our health rarely improves with age and premium rates increase to reflect this. Protect your children while you can and the coverage is most affordable.

Quickly compare the premium costs and benefit levels for three basic policy types: term, whole, and universal life insurance.

Connect with an agent licensed in your state for expert advice on the best way to protect your young family from the risk of an early demise.

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How Long it Takes to Get a Life Insurance Policy Approved?

After getting a life insurance quote and comparing premium costs to benefits, your next step is completing an application.

The length of time it takes for the issuing company to approve (or decline) the application depends on the type of underwriting they employ. Your answer could come instantly or take up to six weeks.

When You Stop Paying Whole Life Insurance Premiums

Whole life insurance is the most reliable permanent policy type. You have great surety about the death benefit, cash values, and rates of return if you continue making timely premium payments.

However, even permanent things are temporary – as all good things eventually end. If you surrender the policy or allow it to lapse, your beneficiaries may be left out in the cold.

What Happens At the End of Term Life Insurance?

Dying while the policy is in force is the one sure way to get money back on term life insurance. This policy type provides the most affordable death benefit for a short duration.

People who outlive the stated term in the contract can choose to extend, buy new, convert, or lapse.

Your health determines the proper course to take.

Instant Whole Life Insurance Cost Quotes

We are all in a hurry. Who can find the time to research the costs of various financial planning tools? Parents need a way to find quick answers to cost and benefit questions in order to protect their families properly.

Instant online life insurance quotes allow parents to get premium cost estimate right away, from the safety and convenience of their computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Term Life Insurance Quotes | Cost Calculator

Nothing is more nerve wracking than inputting personal information into a form on a website. Identity theft and security breaches are often in the news.

You simply want to know what different policy types, features, and death benefit amounts might cost. Get term life insurance quotes without having to enter personal information. Input impersonal variable about yourself, and get an instant estimate.

When Does Life Insurance Count as an Asset?

There are many different points when a third party may want an accounting of family assets. We live in a world of progressive taxation, where those who earn and save carry a heavier load.

Cash value life insurance sometimes counts as an asset, and sometimes not. Even term life can count as an asset when the policyholder invokes the living benefit clause.

When Life Insurance Pays Claims Right Away

You fill out the policy application and answer detailed medical questions. You give the insurance agent a check for the first month of premium. The agent submits the application to underwriting, and the wait begins.

What happens if you pass away before the policy is issued, or you become seriously ill? Will you beneficiaries have the safety net of cash promised by the term life insurance policy you just purchased?

Life Insurance With No Medical Examination

What do you do when you need life insurance in order to cover final expenses such as medical bills and funeral expenses, but you are too sick to pass a medical examination?

Guaranteed acceptance policies offer a small face amount with higher premiums. Simplified issue policies have no waiting period before benefits begin but you must answer health questions to qualify.

Buying Life Insurance On Your Children’s Other Parent

Insurable interest is an important term worth understanding if your children’s father provides support. Without insurable interest, this is nothing worth protecting.

You may rely on his earnings to provide for basic needs. Protecting the support is an important step. You can buy life insurance on your children’s father prior to marriage, during marriage, and after a divorce, if there is an insurable interest.

Universal Life Insurance Option A versus Option B

Life insurance is a confusing topic. Universal policies add another layer of complexity. Their flexibility is very attractive, but complicates matters further. Now add on top a choice to make about how cash accumulates inside the policy.

Option B adds significantly to policy costs, but may be the preferred choice for parents seeking to build a strong financial foundation.

Universal Life Insurance Quotes | Instant Cost Calculator

Permanent life insurance policies cost much more than term, but also provide the added security of cash value accumulation. Universal policies allow the added flexibility to choose between two accumulation options, along with useful riders.

A universal life insurance quote calculator compares premium cost to expected cash values at predetermined periods. Input several variables, and allow the equations do the work.