North Carolina short-term disability insurance is an important program for growing families.

Expenses are often highest when couples are having children. This is not a good time to lose your income, but this is exactly what happens when mom takes her maternity leave.

Do not assume that the state offers a program that automatically enrolls everyone. You need to purchase a private policy before getting sick, hurt, or pregnant.

  • Claims forms and policy applications
  • Pregnancy bed rest and maternity leave
  • North Carolina disability laws

North Carolina Short-Term Disability Forms

Three different North Carolina short-term disability forms may come into play, depending upon your needs and circumstances. Find the forms listed in reverse order of needed completion: claims, policy application, and new account forms.

Many site visitors reverse the process, leaving them only one option.

Filing Claims Forms

North Carolina does not have a state-mandated program, so you do need to purchase a private policy before the need arises. You cannot file a claim for benefits if you did not buy coverage prior to becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. A new policy automatically excludes preexisting conditions for twelve months.

Debt relief application is the ideal avenue if you owe more than $10,000 in unsecured obligations. Lost income combined with added medical expenses mean that you may face financial hardship. This can qualify you for a settlement program.

Request a short-term loan to obtain the funding you need if you do not have coverage already in force. Repay the note in convenient monthly payments.

Apply for short-term disability benefits by completing a claim form if you do have coverage already in force. Download the claims form from your carrier’s website, and follow the instructions carefully.

Policy Application Forms

Complete your policy application form when electing to purchase coverage. An agent will ask a series of medical questions and submit the policy application form to the carrier for underwriting review. A new policy will not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

Begin by requesting an online quote to estimate the monthly premiums if you do not have a pre-existing condition. Men and women past childbearing age can easily obtain a policy without involving their employer. Ladies planning to have children fare much better by purchasing a policy at work – if her employer offers a voluntary option. If not, an individual policy is a reasonable consolation prize.

New Account Forms

Many women desire policies that cover her recovery from normal labor and delivery. These policies do exist. However, carriers sell them only at the worksite as a voluntary employee benefits program.

Your employer may need to complete a new account form with the carrier, verifying that they will support a payroll deduction; promptly forward premiums collected and notify the carrier of any changes in elections.

North Carolina Short-Term Disability Benefits

Short-term disability benefits in North Carolina can replace as much as sixty percent of your earnings to a maximum of six thousand five hundred dollars monthly.

You can select from of a range of elimination periods to match your financial cushion. Elimination period options include separate waiting times for accidents and illnesses.

Payment duration varies depending upon the choices made at the time of policy application. Payment duration can be as short as three months, or as long as twenty-four months.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Twenty-five percent of pregnancies will experience one or more complications. You may miss weeks or months of work prior to your delivery.

Most individual policies sold directly may replace a portion of your income during this time and help you protect your family finances.Do one thing before getting pregnant – get your policy started. Private policies will not cover pre-existing pregnancies.

Maternity Leave

Short-term disability for maternity leave in North Carolina works by covering your recovery from normal childbirth. Your maternity leave benefit may be several multiples of the premiums you pay in advance.

Only policies sold through worksite groups cover mom’s recovery from normal childbirth. These policies replace income for a fixed period depending upon the type of delivery.

  • Vaginal delivery – 6 weeks less the elimination period
  • C-section delivery – 8 weeks less the elimination period

You may also experience some type of birth injury or postpartum complication that requires more time to heal than expected. Your doctor may ask you to stay away from work in order to recover properly. Once again, your policy may replace some of your lost earnings during this time.

North Carolina Short-Term Disability Laws

North Carolina does not have many short-term disability laws, as is the case in most states. Federal regulations provide most income replacement opportunities and job protections.

State Program

North Carolina does not have a law requiring state short term disability benefits for workers in private industry. You will need to purchase a policy for temporary work interruptions.

Temporary Conditions

North Carolina administers the federally mandated Social Security Disability program.

Benefits are paid only for total and permanent conditions expected to last 52 weeks or longer. Social Security does not cover temporary medical conditions. If you are medically unemployed and need help, you should contact the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

Job Protection

North Carolina family leave laws consist primary of federal regulations, which apply to workers across the nation. Eligibility hinges upon the type of employer, the number of employees, and the number of hours worked, and other criteria.


Teachers and state government workers do have state mandated coverage for off the job accidents and illnesses. Benefit payments last for up to 365 days or one year.

The monthly benefit amount equates to fifty percent of income. Cash payments begin immediately after satisfying the elimination period. Only employees working for at least one full year are eligible.