Completing an online personal loan application is pretty scary. How do you know what will happen to all of the financial and identifying information you type into the web-based form?

Learn how to identify trustworthy companies so that you can feel safe about a transaction. At the same time be on guard for the tricks and shortcuts used by crooks hiding behind a computer screen.


Using a personal loan to finance the down payment on a house has unique advantages and drawbacks.

Keeping the loan-to-value ratio below 80% helps people avoid paying mortgage insurance and improves the housing expense ratio. In addition, adding an unsecured obligation into the mix makes it easier to stay at your residence in the event of a disability, unemployment, or the death of a spouse.


Do not waste your time searching online for the bank with the lowest personal loan interest rate. Only the most qualified borrowers are eligible for the published percentages.

Pay more attention to which lenders offer the best overall deal for borrowers fitting your profile. This often means submitting a request to a network of online companies who can view your credentials.


Online lenders love federal government employees! Their secure jobs and steady paychecks make them ideal borrowers, all other underwriting criteria aside. Shutdowns get lots of press, but occur infrequently, and do not last terribly long.

Unsecured personal loans provide a great way to obtain funding to meet short-term needs.


Online personal loan companies love to see a solid reliable job history. This means the applicant has a predictable future income stream that is highly likely to remain in place until repayment is complete.

Schoolteachers often have very secure job situations, and a reliable steady income. This makes them ideal candidates for approval, unless of course they have a poor credit score.