Preapproved credit cards online links allow you to compare offers quickly from each of the top issuing banks. Simply follow a series of links found below on this page.

Complete an initial form on each site to see which offers each bank has set aside for you. This research will not affect your risk score. Take notes and compare offers from the fifteen top issuing banks.

Once you have selected the best overall offer, complete a second online form to apply for the card. Understand what happens next before you do. While checking the offers does not log a hard inquiry, the bank may decide to pull a back-end report, which may appear on your consumer report.

Preapproved Credit Card Links

Preapproval means that the banks reviewed your consumer report in advance. They screen out people with bad credit and make offers only to those meeting predefined criteria.

Preapproved credit card links make it quick and easy to identify and contrast offers various banks are highly likely to approve. You can perform this simple research by following the links found later in this article.

Soft inquiries have already been logged, and your research will not affect your risk scores.

Soft Inquiries

Soft inquiries display only when you request your own report. Banks and risk models do not see this inquiry type.

The consumer-reporting agency logs a soft inquiry on the file of any consumer receiving a preapproved credit card offer. The banks must first send a firm offer through the mail. You may trigger a second soft inquiry when you check your offers.

Do Not Affect Scores

You are not applying for a new account when you follow the link and complete the initial form. Since soft inquiries do not display on the reports pulled by banks and other lenders, your risk score is not affected.

You can complete the initial form without worry.

Accepting Preapproved Credit Card Offers Online

Be aware of what happens when you accept the preapproved credit card offers online. While the initial forms are innocuous, the accepting an offer sets different wheels in motion.

Protect your private information when entering data into any form. Know that the bank will log a hard inquiry and that hard inquiries do affect your credit risk score used by other lenders.

While the bank will probably approve the new account, they may rescind the offer if you no longer meet their predefined criteria.

Hard Inquiry

When you click the submit button to accept the online offer, you are giving the bank permission to check your consumer report again. The bank needs to verify that you still meet the criteria.

You no longer have just a soft inquiry connected with this transaction. The consumer-reporting agency will log a hard inquiry as you initiated a request for a new account. Hard inquiries appear on the consumer report version seen by banks and other lenders and will affect your risk score.

Possible Declination

The bank can legally decline you if you no longer meet their underwriting criteria.

Time has lapsed between when they performed the original screen, and when you accepted the online offer. Your behavior may have changed, or the consumer report may show something different. Any of these changes could result in a declination.

Secure Connections

You must type personal information into the secure online form such as your social security number, date of birth, name, and address. The bank’s site may be secure, but not your connection.

Do not type this information while connected to an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot at your local coffee shop. Make certain you log on through a password-protected connection using strong encryption.

Links to Top 10 Banks

Below is a list of preapproved credit card links for the top ten issuing banks.

  1. American Express
  2. Bank of America
  3. Barclays
  4. Capital One
  5. Chase
  6. Citibank
  7. Discover
  8. US Bank
  9. Wells Fargo does not have active link (12/2014)
  10. USAA does not have active link (12/2014)

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