Complete a simple web form, and get a short-term disability insurance quote online. Get a quick answer to a simple question about what it may cost to protect your income from future accidents and illnesses that might prevent you from working.

Know what to expect when you complete an online web form for a short-term disability insurance quote. Many carriers ask questions designed to price the policies appropriately, and weed out applicants who may not pass underwriting. Many people wait until it is too late.

  • Prepare yourself to answer carrier questions
  • Explore alternatives if your answers exclude you

Short-Term Disability Quotes Exclusion Questions

Short-term disability insurance quotes online contain questions designed to ferret out adverse selection. Adverse selection occurs when most people wanting to investigate the cost of a policy have a motive – either they are currently disabled, or have an existing medical condition.

If you are currently disabled, have a major medical condition, or your body mass index is very high, you may want to explore alternatives instead. Click here if you want coverage for pregnancy.

Currently Disabled

If you are currently disabled you do not qualify to purchase short-term disability insurance. Many carriers will not issue a policy to a disabled applicant until twelve months after he or she returns to work.

Request a health insurance quote now. Many people lose their health insurance while disabled. Lose of coverage is a qualifying life event, which means you can begin a new plan optimized for your health condition outside of open enrollment. A lower income may also mean that you qualify for premium and cost sharing subsidies.

Major Health Conditions

You will not qualify for short-term disability insurance if you currently have a major health condition. Examples of a major health condition include but are not limited to some of the following conditions.

  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Heart, Liver, Lung, Kidney Disease
  • Digestive/Intestinal Disease
  • Cancer
  • Muscle, Back, Joint Disorders
  • Diabetes

Request a health insurance quote now. If you have received medical advice for one of more of these conditions during the last five years, you may benefit by changing your primary healthcare plan instead for one optimized for your current situation.

Body Mass Index

The online web form will ask you for your height and weight in order to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI is the ratio of you weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters. Many carries will not approve an applicant considered obese – with a BMI over 35.

Apply for a short-term loan to meet your temporary funding needs. Repay the lender once you are able to return to work and resume earning an income.

Short-Term Disability Quote Online

Expect the online short-term disability insurance quote form to ask several simple questions most people can easily answer. Agents will use these simple questions and answers to estimate the monthly premium cost for a feature configuration that best fits your needs.

Request an online disability insurance quote now if the exclusion questions do not apply to you.


Enter your date of birth into the web form. Your attained age at time of application determines premium cost. Many carriers will keep the premium the same as you age. If you are approaching a milestone birthday, now is a good time to start your coverage.


Choose your current occupation from the drop down list presented on the web form. You will find a list of industries and job roles. Choose the selection that fits best.


Choose your monthly income from a drop down list found on the online short-term disability insurance quote form. Most carriers will offer a policy replacing up to two-thirds of monthly income, up to a hard dollar cap ranging as high as $6,500.

Tobacco Use

Answer the smoking question “yes” if you have used tobacco of any form during the last twelve months. Many carriers will charge a higher premium for smokers compared to non-smokers. Make certain that you answer the question honestly.


Your gender sometimes affects the price you may have to pay. Some carriers offer unisex rates, while others price the coverage to reflect the true risks for each policyholder. In general, women pay more for disability insurance than men do, as they file more claims and stay out of work longer than men stay out.

Identifying Information

Input your identifying information into the web form so that an agent can contact you, and the system can scrub the data to verify that you are a real person, living at a real address. Unfortunately, many imposters ruin the process for others.

Request a short-term disability insurance quote online now.