Paid maternity and family medical leave programs in California are lifesavers for parents having children. Both mom and dad want to spend time at home bonding with baby.

This direct form of financial assistance keeps families afloat when one or both parents cannot work. The benefit is most valuable when someone suffers a disability – which happens frequently during pregnancy.


California laws offering job protections provide an invaluable form of financial assistance for parents having children. Mom and dad often want to stop working to bond with their baby.

Losing a job and access to group health insurance could prove devastating. Many couples qualify – for varying lengths of time. Know your rights.


Many California couples face difficulty having a family in the first place. Those coping with the pain of infertility often face the prospect of paying for treatments themselves.

The state does have an infertility insurance law. The private companies must provide direct financial assistance for help with certain medical bills. However, IVF remains the most expensive self-pay treatment.


The California state disability program provides one of the most important forms of financial assistance for parents having children. Paid maternity leave helps all workers.

Partial income replacement helps keep families afloat during the time mom cannot work. This happens frequently as 25% of women experiencing medical complications during pregnancy.