Many Connecticut workers commute out-of-state into jurisdictions that have mandated temporary disability programs. Those who remain in state must purchase private coverage. Do not assume your health plan makes your income secure.

Purchase short-term disability prior to getting sick, hurt, or pregnant.


Many health care plans in the state of Connecticut must comply with the infertility insurance mandate. Plans subject to this regulation must provide coverage for medically necessary procedures to overcome infertility, including In Vitro Fertilization.

Every law has limits, exclusions, and loopholes. Not every resident automatically enjoys the 3rd party help to pay for treatments.


Connecticut residents taking extended leave face a difficult financial challenge and often need help with regular bills. State family leave regulations provide limited income protection and specify that their health insurance plans must be restored when a worker returns to employment.

Restoring healthcare plans helps once the worker has recovered. However, the need is greatest while on leave. Be prepared for increased expenses.