The state of Florida does not replace your income while injured or sick. Do not look to the government for financial help during a temporary leave of absence from work.

Parents planning to have children have to purchase a policy privately. Do not wait until you are about to leave work to purchase coverage. By then it will be too late.


While the state of Florida does not require healthcare plans to cover infertility, other states do. Couples who work for these often enjoy a valuable benefit.

The rest of us need a strategy to lower IVF costs of treatments and outcomes. Do not be short-sighted!


State maternity leave laws in Florida show their weaknesses most when mom and dad have to stop working after the birth of a newborn baby.

Childbirth stresses resources. There may be leftover medical bills, combined with lost income. Losing your job could make matters worse.

Learn your rights during maternity leave based on the federal laws which may apply.


Many new parents in Florida having children experience a need for financial assistance with unpaid medical bills. Labor and delivery in a hospital are very expensive.

The statute of limitations on medical debt does not provide much relief. Families still owe the money. A collection agency simply loses the right to sue in court.