When a family member needs to utilize healthcare services, one or both parents may need to stop working. Caring for a sick family member, and an employee’s own disability are the leading reasons why employees must stop working temporarily.

Hawaii family leave regulations provide partial income replacement and job-protected leave rights, to help families make ends meet.


Healthcare benefit plans make payments directly to providers when a covered member requires medical attention. Many times a medical condition can prevent somebody from performing the duties of their primary occupation.

The Hawaii temporary disability program provides partial income replacement to help residents stay afloat financially.


Certain healthcare benefit plans issued in the state of Hawaii are required to cover In Vitro Fertilization treatments. A couple must demonstrate a five-year history of infertility, before becoming eligible for this one time only benefit.

Couples need to ask themselves whether they want to wait five years to have a baby, or pay for other infertility treatments out of pocket in the interim.