Single parents most frequently need financial assistance. Making ends meet is far more difficult when a family lives apart.

Government programs can help with housing, childcare, healthcare, and basic expenses such as food and utilities if you meet income limits. Private companies offer another option. Going back to college to improve job prospects takes courage and a little boost.


New parents in Michigan frequently turn to the state disability program when looking for ways to afford time off from work. The same holds true for residents who suffer an accident or illness.

Most people must look elsewhere for financial assistance during a work absence. The state does not offer a policy covering non-occupational incidents. You must purchase private coverage in advance of your need to file a claim.


Resources do not stretch very far when parents take time off from work to recover from childbirth or care for a newborn baby at home.

Michigan residents often face a loss of income combined with a major jump in their health insurance premiums, just as extra bills start rolling in. Learn what laws protect your rights while on parental leave.