Maternity leave laws in New York State got a shot in the arm with the passage of the Paid Family Leave Act (PFL). Many new parents now enjoy extended time off with job and health insurance safeguards and wage replacement that is more generous than the disability program.

Of course, the new regulation applies to people who work in the state. Therefore the many commuters to and from NYC have varying rights.


Prospective parents in often need financial assistance just to have a baby. Many couples struggle with infertility and need help from the medical community in order to conceive.

The New York State infertility insurance mandate and the IVF grant program help surprisingly few families. Find ways to become pregnant without going broke in the process.


One topic continually creates confusion – how to find, and where to send a New York State short-term disability claim form. The state program requires employers to purchase a conforming plan, but leaves the choice of insurer up to the employer.

The confusion starts with the multiple payer structure. Rather than one place to submit the form, there are many.