Parents suffer financial stress during family leave after childbirth. Expenses are much higher, while they may lose their income, their job, and access to health insurance coverage.

Ohio maternity leave laws provide state employees with three income replacement options. Private workers may have job security and health care continuation.


Growing families in Ohio encounter complex issues surrounding healthcare benefit plans when undergoing In Vitro Fertilization. The procedure is rarely covered.

Couples must pay themselves out of pocket. Then come costs for the pregnancy and lost income during maternity leave. Estimate expenses, and find strategies to afford having your baby.


Growing families in Ohio may be most interested in finding the ideal health benefit plan covering prenatal care, maternity, hospitalizations, and newborn care. The Affordable Care Act opened the door to many new options.

However holes remain, and couples may find different outcomes based upon income, and timing of conception.


Every healthcare benefit plan in Ohio leaves families with a potentially large financial hole. The programs make payments directly to medical providers, but do not replace income when a parent is unable to work.

Short-term disability in Ohio replaces a portion income when an employee is unable to work due to a covered medical condition. Purchase your policy prior to becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant.


A very select portion of health insurance plans in Ohio provides a coveted benefit: coverage for infertility treatments. Many couples struggle while trying to conceive, and find that artificial reproductive techniques are very expensive when paid for out-of-pocket.

The Ohio infertility insurance mandate requires health insuring corporations to cover basic healthcare services. 3rd party payment is the ultimate form of assistance with these enormous bills.