Oregon Government Programs

Oregon government programs offer little financial assistance for parents beyond what other states provide. The state-based Family Leave Act extends unpaid job protections to small business employees and part-time workers through relaxed requirements.

However, growing families must devise other methods to replace income during the time mom or dad is unable to work. Federal government subsidies can help low-income earners with access to private and public health insurance.

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Oregon Maternity & Paternity Leave | How Long & How Much?

Maternity and paternity leave legal job rights in Oregon can last zero, twelve, or twenty-four weeks depending on your employer size, length of service, hours worked, and possible need to provide homecare for your infant.

Income benefits are a different matter. The new Paid Family Leave law does not kick in until 2023, so parents need to find an alternative in the interim: short-term disability.

Short-Term Disability Benefits in Oregon

Oregon does not offer a state short-term disability program that covers non-occupational medical conditions for workers in private industry. Members of the PEBB have the option to participate in a voluntary program.

Residents should consider buying an individual policy in advance of becoming pregnant, getting sick, or suffering an injury. File a claim with the company issuing the coverage when the need arises.