New parents of multiple babies born too early often face unreimbursed medical expenses such as insurance deductibles and out of network charges from specialty doctors and other hospital contractors. You could also contend with unexpected non-medical expenses such as travel, parking, and lodging.

Now add in lost income for both mom and dad, who often must stop working or lose their jobs. Finding every conceivable form of financial assistance is now critical.


Lack of maternity leave pay benefits is a painful reality for the majority of parents in the United States. Compound this with extra medical bills associated with large deductibles triggered by a hospital stay.

Many parents turn to online lenders for an infusion of cash, so they can spend quality time at home bonding with their baby. Explore the pros and cons of various options.


Many state-based programs may provide financial help for workers suffering a temporary disability. Only five states have a mandatory program replacing income for workers, so expect to find very large gaps.

You may find yourself unable to pay regular bills while not working. You must find ways to replace as much income as possible, while simultaneously reducing expenses.


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