Growing families in Pennsylvania value maternity coverage above all else when it comes to health care benefit plan options. Having a baby can rack up very large medical bills.

The Affordable Care Act requires individual plans to cover prenatal care, hospitalization for labor and delivery, along with newborn care. You may even qualify for assistance paying the premiums.


Health insurance plans issued in the state of Pennsylvania do not face any additional mandates to cover infertility, or In Vitro Fertilization. That does not mean that residents cannot find policies with this type of coverage.

Pennsylvania borders five states that do have mandates, meaning commuters and those working for employers based in one of these states might enjoy an added benefit.


Parents having children often need optional financial assistance because they lose mom’s income. The extra medical expenses make matters more difficult as well.

Pennsylvania does not provide paid leave or have any state-based family leave regulations. Residents rely exclusively on federal family medical leave laws to protect job rights and health care continuation.


The state of Pennsylvania does not offer temporary disability benefits. Traditional healthcare plans reimburse medical practitioners for providing care, but do not replace income during leave.

Residents concerned about protecting their income should purchase private short-term disability. Coverage must begin prior conception, and before getting injured or sick.