South Carolina Government Programs

The State of South Carolina has relatively few government-sponsored financial assistance programs that help new parents having children.

Families cannot rely on the state to provide income replacement during an extended absence from work. The time off is frequently unpaid. Legal job protections extend only to a portion of workers under several federal rules.

Low-income families do receive help paying for healthcare expenses via public and private insurance entitlements.

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Applying for Disability Benefits in South Carolina

New parents in South Carolina should not assume that short-term disability will provide help while on leave from work. The Palmetto State does not have a mandatory program.

People need to take personal responsibility and purchase private coverage before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. The ability to work is perhaps your biggest asset.

South Carolina Maternity & Family Leave Laws

New Parents having children in South Carolina learn first hand that the financial assistance programs do not include paid leave. Many families welcome a new baby into the home along with a pile of past due bills.

Several federal regulations provide unpaid legal job and health insurance protections that last up to 12 weeks. Approximately half of the workers in the state lack these safeguards because they do not qualify.