Term life insurance quotes without personal information are available here online. Enter an anonymous ID. Get a free instant estimate.

Take your time to compare how different death benefit amounts, policy features, and riders may influence your monthly premium rate.

Get multiple term life insurance quotes without giving away your private personal contact information, taking a medical exam, or answering intrusive health questions. Compare instant online monthly rate estimates based on several input variables.

  • Age at time of application
  • Smoker versus non-smoker
  • Policy length and rider options

Term Life Quotes Online Without Personal Information

You can request term life insurance quotes online without having to divulge any of your personal information. Obtain a quick estimate of what a sample policy configuration might cost, no questions asked. Shop around for the ideal configuration not needing to enter your contract information, take a medical exam, or answer private health questions.

Without Contact Information

Obtain a term life insurance quote here online without having to enter your personal contact information. Nobody can steal your identity if you do not divulge it. There is no need to enter your first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip code, email address, social security number, or phone number.

Get the cost estimate you need in complete privacy.

Without Medical Exam

Get your term life insurance quote without having to undergo a medical exam. Nothing is more personal than having a nurse stick you with a needle to draw blood, take urine and stool samples, or hook you up to an EKG machine.

Keep the death benefit under $100,000 and feel confident that the carrier will issue the policy without a follow-up medical exam. All bets are off if you decide to purchase a contract with a death benefit above this figure.

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Without Health Questions

Request a term life insurance quote without having to answer personal health questions. The calculator will return blended rates while ignoring health factors. A health history will determine the ultimate monthly rates. You may need to provide this history with consent when applying for coverage. A poor health history may adversely affect your final rate.

Anonymous Term Life Quotes Instant Online Comparison

Our anonymous term life insurance quotes are completely free, and allow you to make instant online comparisons. Many factors go into the calculation of the estimated monthly premium rates. You may need multiple iterations to find the combination that meets your needs and budget.

We want to provide you the freedom to shop around and compare monthly costs to different policy options such as the death benefit, optional riders, and length of the contract.

Premium Rates by Age

Anonymous term life insurance quotes require your age. Age is often the most important factor in pricing any contract. We have finite life spans. Each day that goes by brings us closer to the final day. Underwriters consider this. The web-based form will require you to select between six different age range categories.

Make an instant online comparison of the monthly premium rates for buying today versus waiting until you are older.

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Smoker & Nonsmoker

Anonymous term life insurance quotes for smokers often result in much higher premium rates when compared to non-smokers. Smokers have statistically shorter life spans than non-smokers do. The web-based form will ask if you have used tobacco or any tobacco delivery system in the last twelve months.

Instantly compare rates online and decide if you prefer to quit smoking to get a cheaper policy a year later.

Death Benefit Amounts

Instantly compare anonymous term life insurance quotes online based upon the death benefits amount. As the policy grows in size, the monthly premium cost increases, but not as much as you may think.

We limit the number of death benefit amount choices in order to provide a fast response and make comparison simpler. The options range from as small as $10,000 to as much as $500,000.

Length of Level Premium

Make instant online comparisons of anonymous term life insurance quotes based on the length of guaranteed level premiums. Expect to see higher rates for longer guarantees. Choose between three periods.

  • 10 year
  • 20 year
  • 30 year

What happens to the monthly premium rates at year 11 on a 10-year policy? These rates are often considerably higher. Most people decline to continue the policies at this point unless they have contracted a dread disease and expect to die soon. This adverse selection phenomenon contributes to these very high costs.

When you purchase a policy, the carrier presents these rates in very broad ranges. The company uses these broad ranges after completing the medical underwriting process. The estimates found here do not attempt to present these data.

Optional Riders

You can attach three optional riders to your anonymous term life insurance quote and get an instant online result for comparison purposes.

  1. Accidental death pays an additional benefit if you die because of a covered accident.
  2. Spouse rider allows you to purchase additional coverage for your husband or wife. Death benefits amounts range as high as $50,000.
  3. Children’s rider provides coverage for your dependent children who are at least fourteen days old and not more than nineteen years old at the time of application. You pay one price regardless the number of children covered. To qualify the child must be:
    1. Your biological child
    2. Legal stepchild
    3. Adopted child including those placed in your home for adoption
    4. Any other child related to the insured by blood or marriage