Take advantage of our universal life insurance quote calculator online to get an estimate of monthly premium cost and projected cash values for a variety of policy riders. Re-enter your different configurations as many times as you like.

Once you are comfortable with your estimate, feel free to speak to an agent who can take an application for coverage. The free universal life insurance quotes calculator online answers three common question.

  1. What does the monthly premium cost?
  2. How will the cash value accumulate over time?
  3. How do policy riders affect both?

How the Universal Life Insurance Quote Calculator Works

Our universal life insurance quote calculator quickly computes an estimated monthly premium, along with projected cash values at designated points in time, for one of two popular alternatives: indexed and variable policies.

Indexed Policies

Our indexed universal life insurance quote calculator computes a monthly premium cost estimate along with a cash value estimates for the guaranteed interest rate.

Indexed universal life policies provide a guaranteed cash accumulation interest rate, and may return a higher amount if the indexed investments perform above predetermined levels. Speak with one of our agents for a full ledger illustration of indexed returns that meet the insurance company compliance standards.

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Variable Policies

A variable universal life insurance quote calculator is extremely difficult to present in a compliant fashion and requires a securities license. Therefore, we do not provide the alternative here.

Variable policies are a securities product, where the owner builds an investment portfolio of equities and bond accounts. The owner decides which types of securities to select, and the value of the securities can be volatile.

Free Universal Life Insurance Quotes Online

Request free universal life insurance quotes online and get an instant estimate of monthly premium costs, and projected cash values at specified points in time.

Your first step is to complete a simple survey form. You will need to answer several questions.

  • Tobacco use: indicate whether you have used tobacco or any tobacco product during the last twelve months.
  • Your current age range: select the age range that best fits. Costs vary by age at the time of application.
  • Target death benefits amount: choose the amount of coverage you would like us to estimate.
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Instant Premium Estimates

Our free universal life insurance online quote system will provide you with an instant estimate of the monthly premium cost for each policy configuration you choose. After completing the form and seeing your results, add another configuration, and make comparisons to narrow down the configuration that meets your needs and budget.

Projected Cash Values

The free universal life insurance quotes online will take the data input and provide projections of cash values for the base policy at four intervals: 10 years, 20 years, age 65, and age 75. The projected cash values are a function of your age at the time of application, the target death benefit, the average accredited interest rate, and whether you choose Option A or Option B.

Additional paid in premiums is one of the biggest advantages to this policy type. Owners can make these additional payments, which then grow on a tax-deferred basis inside the contract. The additional payments are subject to limitations.

Specify the level of additional paid in premiums you would like to include in the instant estimate. See the projected impact of these additional payments on the cash values of the contract at the same four intervals: 10 years. 20 years, age 65, and age 75.

Rider Choices

Our free universal life insurance quotes online allow you to see the impact of elective riders on the monthly premiums and projected cash values. Choose between six alternatives in your estimate. When completing the input-form simply check off whether you want each choice.

Waiver of Premium

The waiver of premium rider forgives all monthly premiums for the policy and riders if the insured becomes. This rider is perhaps the most valuable when compared to other ways of accumulating tax-deferred money. Banks and investment companies will not continue making periodic investments when a person becomes disabled.

Long-Term Care

The long-term care rider advances the death benefit to help pay for qualified long-term care expenses. This rider allows owners to make premium payments into a single policy that addresses two major life concerns simultaneously.

The restoration of benefits rider restores the death benefit if the contract makes long-term care payments. This choice allows parents to maintain the legacy for their children.

Accidental Death

The accidental death rider pays an additional benefit if the policyholder dies in a covered accident. Covered accidents exclude acts of war, suicide, illegal acts, piloting an aircraft, bungee jumping, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, racing a vehicle in a contest, and others.

Additional Term

The additional term coverage rider provides a twenty-year term policy equal to the target death benefit.

Guaranteed Purchase

The guarantee purchase rider allows the insured to purchase additional coverage without evidence of good health. This elective is very popular with parents needing to add coverage as their family grows.

We hope you find the free universal life insurance quote online calculator useful in narrowing down the monthly premium costs, projected cash values, and policy riders that fit. After reviewing the estimates, feel free to follow the links to speak to an agent. We will then request personal contact information. An agent may contact you.