Instant Whole Life Insurance Cost Quotes

Find instant whole life insurance quotes online without leaving this website. Make quick comparisons of premium costs for variations in the face amount (death benefit) and guaranteed cash values.

Use the online cost calculator to get an instant estimate of how much a policy might cost each month – based on your age. Experiment while on your computer or smartphone without having to give up your personal information.

Follow the links on this page when you need an exact quote provided by an agent licensed in your state. The agent can help you find coverage that does not involve a medical exam – if needed.

Whole Life Insurance Instant Cost Calculator

Take advantage of this whole life insurance cost calculator to get an instant estimate online. There is no need to compare average figures when you can get an answer tailored to your situation (age, face amount, and tobacco use). Also, notice how age brackets can create an incentive to act before a milestone birthday.

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Average Cost

The instant online calculator will teach you that the average cost of whole life insurance will not tell you how much you might have to spend each month. Each person is an individual and the price he or she must pay to protect a family permanently and generate fixed cash value accumulation depends on three variables.

  1. The face amounts of the policy can range widely
    • Low of $25,000
    • High of $300,000
  2. The age of the applicant drives premium rates
  3. Smokers pay about 33% more than non-smokers do

An average cost figure is meaningless with a wide range of possible inputs into the pricing equation. However, a median configuration ($100,000 face amount, age 44) could provide a viable comparison point.

  • Non-smoker: $161 monthly
  • Smoker: $124 monthly

Whole life insurance features guaranteed cash value accumulation and matures at age 95. This feature results in higher premiums than the primary alternatives. Quickly compare the average rates for two other contract types.

Cost by Age

The instant online calculator can also illustrate the cost of whole life insurance by age. In general, the premium rates increase, as we grow older. The reason is simple. The odds of dying during the early years of the policy rise as we grow closer to the end of our time here on earth.

In addition, many company price coverage by age range. This means that rates could jump sharply once you pass a milestone birthday. For example, delaying just a few days can make a big difference in how much a policy costs each month.

Therefore, it pays to research costs by age range buckets. Notice how the rates change compared to a non-smoking applicant under the age of 45. For example, cost jump 62%, if you apply for coverage on your 45th birthday!

AgeCost Relative to 44-Year-Old
< 25.41

Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online

Instant whole life insurance quotes online can also provide a cost estimate for policies with no medical exam – all without having to give out your personal information. Simply input the three main variables in the calculator above.

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However, the offsite form does require personal information. Also, you may also have to submit to a medical exam if you purchase more than $100,000 in coverage.

No Personal Information

Use the online whole life insurance quote calculator to get an instant estimate without having to enter personal information. The web-based form requires anonymous inputs only (face amount, age, and tobacco use). Quickly compare rates for policies with different face amounts (death benefit) without divulging your identity.

  • No need to input name, address, or zip code
  • No email address
  • No phone calls from agents

However, there will come a point when you will need an exact figure for what you might pay in premiums each month. At this point, the issuing company will want to gather more data about you and your health history. You cannot buy a policy without giving out your personal identifying information.

No Medical Exam

You can also use the online whole life insurance quote calculator to get an instant estimate of a policy that does not require a medical exam. The calculator supports simplified issue coverage, which includes a limited set of health questions and no waiting periods before death benefits can begin.

Keep in mind that you may pay extra or have to choose a smaller face amount (death benefit) for underwriting without a medical exam. Avoiding the doctor, giving blood, and providing a stool sample come at a price.

In addition, you should be aware that whole life insurance with no medical exam comes in two flavors.

  1. Simplified issues policies include limited questions without waiting periods
    1. Face amount up to $100k
  2. Guaranteed issue policies have no health questions but include graded benefits
    1. Face amount up to $25K