Supplemental Health Insurance for Growing Families

Supplemental health insurance for growing familiesSupplemental health insurance for growing families helps parents take the financial worry out of pregnancy and childbirth. We can help you to cut fertility costs, create maternity leave income, gain security during pregnancy, and lower child care costs using voluntary employee benefits.

Insurance carriers don’t like covering planned events making it hard for growing families. But insurers love selling to employee groups. This is the key to finding the options that your growing family needs.

There is no direct cost to your employer to give you this option, but there is great value to your family. Ask your employer to make these programs available to you and your co-workers!

Supplemental Health Insurance for Families

Supplemental health insurance for families fills an enormous hole: lack of paid maternity leave in the United States. Every year millions of families must cope will a challenging financial dilemma. They must make ends meet when medical expenses rise, while losing mom’s income.

Maternity Leave Income

Supplemental health insurance for families is the ideal solution to the paid maternity leave challenge. This is how it works. Pay careful attention. It only works this one way. Two supplemental health insurance programs create maternity leave pay. They are available only as a voluntary employee benefit.

Supplemental short term disability replaces a portion of mom’s income while she recovers from childbirth. No health plan is complete without protecting household income. Both mom and dad can get sick or hurt at any time.

Supplemental hospital indemnity makes benefit payments upon admission to the hospital for normal labor and delivery. Additional payments may be made for a sick infant confined to the NICU.

Voluntary employee benefits for maternity leave are the one and only way families can take advantage. Employees pay the premium, so there is no direct cost to employers to provide a paid maternity leave option to employees.

Get paid maternity leave in the U.S. by following these steps. Purchase these two policies at work by payroll deduction. Begin coverage prior to conception. If your employer does not offer the option ask them to make voluntary benefits available to you and your co-workers.

Supplemental Health Insurance Fills Other Holes

Supplemental health insurance for families fills other holes as well. A growing family faces many financial challenges while trying to conceive, while raising children, and saving for college. Families can buy these programs at work, and own them as individuals.

Preconception Needs

Supplemental insurance for infertility treatments addresses several needs. Most traditional health plans do not cover infertility treatments, leaving families to cover most of the costs. Supplemental health insurance plans need to be purchased prior to conception, and make benefit payments at childbirth.

Flexible spending accounts help close some of the cost gaps for couples struggling with infertility. So many expenses qualify for pretax savings.

Supplemental maternity insurance is comprised of short term disability and hospital indemnity. Couples looking for maternity coverage under the Affordable Care Act still have holes that remain: large deductibles, and lost income.

While Raising Children

Supplemental health insurance for children becomes very important when a child is born with special needs or a disability. Many traditional health plans leave do not cover early intervention therapies, along with a long list of ongoing medical needs. Flexible spending accounts help tremendously for these families.

Supplemental life insurance is often the most affordable and accessible way for parents to protect their families in the event of premature death. As families grow in size, so does the need for life insurance protection. Employer based plans often have the lowest rates, and most lenient underwriting standards.

Supplemental dental insurance is a great way for families to lower the cost of dental care. Families with many children can tap into the automatic benefit payments for routine wellness visits. Orthodontia riders make paying for braces more affordable as children enter their teenage years. Using pretax payroll elections reduces the net premium costs.

Bed Rest Disability

Our fertility specialist said our high-risk pregnancy might require 6 months of bed rest. Thanks to our short term disability policy, we can afford our growing family.  – Patrick & Michelle C