Patients without supplemental dental insurance often must scurry around looking for a good way to pay for their treatments. Even those with a plan already in place may run into yearly limits.

Paying for your procedures using a credit card is one option. However, do not overlook the best approach that saves you money, and helps you avoid hefty interest charges.


Cosmetic dental procedures are rarely urgent. You may want to improve your smile and confidence immediately, but you do not have an emergency.

If you do not mind waiting before you begin, supplemental dental insurance with a cosmetic rider is the perfect way to make your treatments much more affordable.


Good oral hygiene has been shown to have a positive impact on overall health. Healthy teeth and gums indicate that all is well elsewhere. It seems logical that health insurance would then cover dental procedures such as exams, cleanings, and other work.

Unfortunately, things do not always work the way we assume or hope. There are limited times when medical plans cover dental procedures.


Supplemental dental insurance cannot meet the immediate needs of patients with painful conditions. Many people wait until it is too late.

However, you can combine financing to fund urgent and emergency procedures and set aside a portion to pay for premiums on a policy that addresses ongoing treatments – which often occurs.


Many of us are gamblers by nature. We bet that something bad will not happen to us. We think that we can sense when something bad is about to happen, and take steps just in time to avoid being caught without insurance.

Life does not work that way. It catches us by surprise. Supplemental dental insurance can take care of you when the inevitable emergency arises.


Patients can utilize supplemental dental insurance as a hidden form of financial assistance to help cover treatment expenses. The programs work well for those able to wait.

Tap into government grants that hide themselves in the form of tax-deductible expenses. Sometimes creativity counts.


Supplemental dental insurance helps families who need plenty of work done on their teeth the most. Traditional plans often come with annual maximums, which limit the amount the plan pays in any given calendar year.

An extra policy can increase the amount of benefits paid every calendar year, and make those treatments more affordable.


Supplemental dental insurance when combined with flexible spending accounts does something magical. Patients with bad credit can finance their treatments without a need to pull their consumer report.

In addition, the two programs dramatically reduce the after tax cost of the work. It is like getting a below zero interest rate loan.


Which is worse, talking to an insurance agent to get price quotes on a policy, going to the dentist for a filling, or speaking in public? We all have fears.

Getting supplemental dental insurance quotes online may not prevent you from the pain of the drill, but they can help you avoid a long conversation with a pushy agent.


In a utopian society, people could buy dental insurance with no waiting period for major work. They buy the coverage on the way to the dentist, have the work done, and drop the policy right after the claim was paid.

Would you take that deal if you were the insurance company? We do not live in a utopian society. Supplemental dental insurance comes with waiting periods, and works for those who plan.