Help Paying for Dental Care Without Insurance

Is paying out-of-pocket for dental work without insurance cheaper, or should you buy a new policy to cover future oral care needs?

Low-income patients without insurance can get free or heavily subsidized treatment through Medicaid and local sliding-scale clinics.

However, the assistance is hit or miss, leaving hefty out-of-pocket expenses for those who can least afford them.

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Funding Dental Work Without A Credit Check: 4 Angles

Lenders consider consumer credit reports and scores because they predict future payment behaviors accurately. Dental patients with low credit scores fear rejection, so they seek financing that doesn’t require a credit check. Imagine if there were methods to secure the …

color matching of dental veneers to teeth

Getting Dental Veneer Payment Plans Through Financing

Are you considering the transformative power of dental veneers but feeling overwhelmed by the cost? You’re not alone. Dental veneers can provide that perfect smile but often come with a hefty price tag. However, there’s good news! Dive into the …

Free Dental Care for Seniors On Medicare [Fixed Income]

Seniors over sixty-five on Medicare often need free dental care because their fixed retirement incomes make it unaffordable to pay the dentist out-of-pocket. Traditional Medicare (Parts A & B) does not pay for most oral care, while Advantage plans (Part …

HSA in block letters with piggy bank

Using A Health Saving Account (HSA) For Cosmetic Dental

Sometimes, you can use Health Savings Account (HSA) funds to pay for cosmetic dentistry, as many procedures fall into a gray area. IRS Publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses excludes any cosmetic procedure that enhances the patient’s appearance while allowing …

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Paying for Dental Work When Broke: Low-Income Grants

Help, I need dental work but have no money to pay for treatment! If this lament fits your situation, follow our roadmap to resources to help you fix your bad teeth without breaking the bank. Dental grants for low-income adults …

seniors smiling with free dentures

Free Dentures for Low-Income Adults: Seniors on Medicare

Low-income adults often get free dentures through Medicaid if they live in one of the thirty-three states and can find a local provider accepting enrolled patients. Meanwhile, seniors on Medicare have two avenues to find government assistance with false teeth. …

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Do All Dentists Charge The Same? Comparing Prices

It might pay to shop around to compare prices because not all dentists charge the same amount for specific services unless they participate as an in-network provider with your PPO dental insurance plan. The most affordable dentist will always be …

keyboard with payment button

Do All Dentists Require Payment Upfront for Treatment?

Most providers went to dental school to learn how to treat problems with patients’ teeth and gums, not how to run a credit and collections operation. Therefore, most dentists will ask for payment upfront before commencing treatment unless you can …

Medicare dentist treating senior citizen

Dentists Accepting Medicare Parts A, B, or C (Advantage)

Finding a local dentist that accepts Medicare could be agonizingly tricky or as simple as 1-2-3, depending on the type of supplemental policy you have – if any. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) states that Parts A …

man with painful toothache

Emergency Dental Work: No Insurance or Money | How to Afford

Help – my tooth is killing me, and I have no insurance or money! Getting emergency dental work done is difficult when you lack the financial muscle to pay for expensive treatment. But it is possible for some people. You …

charity in block letters on bulletin board

Dental Charities: Pro Bono Oral Care for Adults & Children

Private charities and nonprofit organizations that perform pro bono dental work represent a possible avenue for adults and children to get limited oral care. Government-required charity care at large public hospitals supports medical services for uninsured patients who cannot afford …