Editorial Principles and Policies

Growing Family Benefits is a single-author publishing company with a simple editorial principle for the personal finance topics we cover: speak the truth in love.

Many new parents find finance topics confusing, and people often begin by asking the wrong questions. Unfortunately, many other online resources happily respond to these queries by suggesting the next steps that lead in circles.

We endeavor to address challenging topics head-on: accurate answers based on our expertise and research into the issue.

We do not always get things right the first time. Therefore, we follow several policies to foster continual improvement.


Our articles go through a rigorous fact-checking procedure before publication. Kevin Haney, the principal author of most blog posts, has extensive industry experience in consumer credit and health insurance.

He draws on his expertise when writing about these topics and supplements that understanding with facts drawn from primary sources.

  • An extensive library of health insurance policy manuals and applications that serve as the source of facts for these topics
  • Facts about credit reports and scores published by the primary provider of these services (Experian, FICO, etc.)
  • Data gathered and published by the government agencies that enact programs such as grants, and public assistance

Source Citations

The Growing Family Benefits policy is to cite the sources of any factual information published on the site, including a do-follow backlink to the webpage where the third-party organization shared the facts.

  • In the text’s body, when it benefits users to follow the link to gather further information not included in our article
  • At the bottom of the page, we include footnoted citations for users interested in verifying the accuracy of any statement we make

Corrections Policy

The Growing Family Benefits corrections policy is to revise any errors brought to our attention immediately. We routinely update all content every three years and anytime we become aware that underlying facts have changed.

For example, we publish content on maternity leave laws in each state, which constantly changes as legislators pass new regulations. We endeavor to revise this content as the rules become effective.