Federal & State Government Financial Assistance for Parents

Federal and state governments frequently cooperate in providing financial assistance programs that help new parents.

The type of help available through public sources varies based on where you live and work.

Local state or county agencies follow strict federal rules when administering Social Security Disability or enforcing the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

On the other hand, each state exercises its autonomy when implementing other federal programs such as Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, and others. Besides, many states enact their family leave laws and temporary disability programs.

Parents need to do their homework to identify possible sources for free money from the government.

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How to Get Free Government Money you Never Pay Back

Low-income families have many places to look for free money from the government. You can find a variety of resources that you never have to pay back if you know where to look.

Individual grants and special programs to reduce personal bills are two ways to organize the resources.

Financial Help for Senior Citizens Over 50: Free Money

As we age, sometimes we need a little extra help, especially after retirement, as our health and mental acuity begin to diminish.

Senior citizens can begin tapping into government financial assistance programs at age 50 without waiting until their 65th birthday or another insignificant milestone.

Many benefits focus on earned income and resources rather than the date of birth.

Financial Assistance for Parents of Special Needs Children

Parents of children with special needs face a lifetime of extra expenses not covered by insurance, such as travel, medical bills, therapies (art, swim, speech, occupational), caretaking, and more.

Learning about the many financial assistance options that exist at an early age pays enormous dividends over time because the requirements continue indefinitely.

Government benefits, private grants, and getting paid for caretaking make a difference.

Financial Help for Medical Bills: Grants & Government Programs

Find what limited resources are available in your state for financial assistance if you are having difficulty paying medical bills, or need income support while taking unpaid leave from work.

Private companies, government agencies, and charitable organizations offer more than 50 different programs that can help patients with prescription drug costs and more.

Financial Assistance for Pregnant Mothers | 23 Resources

Government financial assistance programs often help women during pregnancy. As with other programs, the money frequently flows from federal departments to state or county agencies.

Therefore, moms-to-be and their partners need to look under many different rocks to find help with money, free programs, and housing.

Getting Unemployment During & After Maternity Leave

New parents frequently consider filing for unemployment benefits during unpaid maternity leave to find that this government program cannot help. You are ineligible while you still have a job and are unable and unavailable for work.

However, mothers and fathers can sometimes qualify after their disability and caretaking duties end – provided they work in a state with a lenient definition for good cause reasons.

Survival Assistance While Waiting for Disability Approval

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides partial income replacement for workers who have a severe illness or injury expected last a year or longer or result in death.

The approval process is lengthy. You may need to make a reconsideration request or file for a hearing to appeal a declination decision. Several forms of state-based programs can help families with children survive in the interim.

Collecting Unemployment for Medical & Mental Health Reasons

Collecting unemployment benefits after you quit work due to medical reasons works as a source of financial help in only a handful of states. Plus, you have to wait until you recover and are able to return to the workforce.

Temporary disability provides wage support while you remain unable to perform your job duties – if available and you have the coverage. Otherwise, you must return to health to file for unemployment.

Financial Assistance While on FMLA [How to Get Paid]

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides needed job protection rights to qualified employees for up to twelve weeks. Unfortunately, this is unpaid leave.

Many families find it very difficult to cope with the increased expenses associated with a sick family member, combined with lost income. Private and state government programs may provide some financial assistance.

Government Financial Assistance While on Maternity Leave

Many state based health benefit programs fill holes in federal programs such as paid maternity leave.

Too many couples find themselves in a financial bind when mom stops working to deliver her baby, and spend time bonding with her infant.

Find a variety of options to help you survive by cutting expenses or finding wage replacement benefits.

Help for Stay at Home Moms: Government Benefits & Grants

The federal government funds many state-based benefit programs, and stay-at-home mothers seeking financial help will find few opportunities with perfectly matching labels.

Instead, homemakers can look for grants and benefits that match other defining elements, such as lower incomes associated with single wage-earner families.

Personal Loans for Maternity Leave & New Baby

Lack of maternity leave pay benefits is a painful reality for most parents in the United States. Compound this with extra medical bills associated with large deductibles triggered by a hospital stay.

Many parents turn to online lenders for an infusion of cash so that they can spend quality time at home bonding with their baby. Explore the pros and cons of various options.

When Does College Financial Aid Count As Income?

You can count excess financial aid as income on applications. Sometimes this helps your cause.

For example, student loan refund money deposited into your bank account can fund credit card and rental housing payments.

On the other hand, the money held in an account becomes a countable resource, which could hurt access to Medicaid.

Government Financial Help for Parents of Premature Babies

New parents of multiple babies born early face unreimbursed medical expenses such as insurance deductibles and out of network charges. You could also incur unexpected non-medical fees such as travel, parking, and lodging.

Now add in lost income for both mom and dad, who often must stop working or lose their jobs. Finding every conceivable form of financial help is now critical.