Loan Approvals for Home Improvement & Repairs

Home improvement loans come in many shapes and sizes, as do the needs of homeowners seeking to deal with a fixer-upper, add a new room, or update the look, feel, and functionality of their real estate property.

Unsecured loans do not require collateral or put you in jeopardy of losing your house to foreclosure. Meanwhile, contracts secured by the equity (if you have enough) in your property have more affordable payments. Then comes credit cards, rent-to-own arrangements, and retailer financing – each with unique pros and cons.

The critical approval criteria are a good credit score and sufficient income to cover your monthly payment along with your existing mortgage.

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Financing Home Appliances No Credit Check: Pay Monthly

A personal loan can be the ideal way to finance improvements to the appliances in your home: refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc.

Many people visit the retailer first and think about setting up monthly payments later, only to paint themselves into a corner. Why limit yourself to the one lender chosen by your appliance company?

Residential HVAC Equipment Financing: No Credit Check

Homeowners have unique considerations to weigh when deciding how to finance HVAC systems.

First, permanent equipment hooked into your ductwork is more expensive to install and remove than portable units.

Then, energy-efficient furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters save money on gas and electricity over time: making monthly payments far more affordable.

Flooring Financing with No Credit Check: Pay Monthly

When financing hardwood flooring and carpeting projects, homeowners have two main choices.

Tapping into funds from a lender upfront frees your to choose the contractor and supplier with the best price and service.

Relying on financing from the flooring company reduces choices, and opend the door for promotional rates – with a catch.

How Low-Income Families Get Free Government Appliances

A home improvement loan approval could be the secret to getting appliances for free as the energy savings associated with upgrading from old inefficient refrigerators could be more than the purchase price.

The government follows a similar thought process when providing benefits to low-income families. In addition, agencies seek to help citizens while safeguarding the environment.

Free Home Repair Assistance Programs [Grants & Charities]

Paying fo rexpensive home repairs is never easy – unless you have piles of cash laying around.

Charities sometimes lend a helping hand to target groups such as the elderly or single mothers.

Government grants can sometime assist target groups such as the elderly and veterans.

Government Grants for Free HVAC System Replacement

Why finance a big home improvement project like a new furnace, water heater, or air conditioning unit when government grants might provide you with a free system?

Most people qualify for weatherization assistance and perhaps discounts on remaining gas and electric bills – unless they meet strict criteria. Then, payment plans enable you to upgrade without hurting your cash flow as energy savings kick in.

Residential Solar Panel Financing [Loans vs. Leases vs. PPA]

Taking out a loan upfront allows homeowners to finance residential solar panel installations without losing the benefit of energy-efficient tax credits.

On the other hand, leases and power purchase agreements have lower initial costs.

Break out your solar-powered calculator to run the numbers.

Kitchen Remodel Financing Options [Cabinets & Appliances]

The best financing option to remodel a kitchen also has many vairabiles.

Unsecured loans and credit cards do not put your house at risk in the event of default as with equity-based deals.

Many retailers offer rent to own arrangements for appliances such as oven, dishwasters, and refrigerators.

Calculating Hot Tub & Spa Financing Cost Per Month

How do you calculate the cost of financing a hot tub when you pledge the equity in your house as collateral?

Please avoid risking foreclosure just to enjoy soaking in warm water at the end of a hard day. Unsecured loans and rent to own contracts work much better.

Financing Replacement Windows and Vinyl Siding

The primary financing alternatives for replacement windows and siding follow a similar pattern with one notable exception.

Homeowners can factor in the possible energy savings when replacing drafty windows. Also, grants for asbestos removal play a big role in older homes.

15 Financing Options for Home Improvement Projects

People have plenty of options when it comes to financing home improvement projects. Therefore, we broke down the pros and cons of the fifteen most common programs.

Each homeowner has unique needs and qualifications such as equity, credit score, and income levels. Most pots have an ideal lid.