Kevin Haney MBA | Expert Author of Growing Family Benefits

Kevin Haney wearing suit and tie

Hello – I am Kevin Haney, the principal owner and founder of ASK Benefit Solutions, LLC, which publishes the Growing Family Benefits website.

I am the primary expert author of most articles on this site. Much of the content addresses important choices people must make about their finances.

Therefore, you may wonder whether you can rely on the information you are reading and if it comes from a trustworthy person.

Below is a summary of my work history, education credentials, and a partial listing of publications and articles that quoted me as an authoritative source.

You can also dig deeper into my social media profiles to learn more about me and my activities.

Insurance Agency Owner

I established ASK Benefit Solutions, LLC as an independent health insurance agency in 2007. The National Producer Number 789704 and resident New Jersey License Number 1003951 were active until 2016.

The primary focus was selling supplemental health insurance (short-term disability, personal accident, hospital indemnity, life, and dental insurance) in the early years, using the Ask 4 Benefits ( web property as a business-to-business storefront. We placed policies with three of the major companies.

  1. Aflac
  2. Colonial Life
  3. Humana

We began publishing the Growing Family Benefits ( website in 2008 as a business-to-consumer storefront, getting the word out to families nationwide about the importance of purchasing these policies before they had a pre-existing condition.

Unfortunately, too many consumers found us after it was too late. Their poor timing convinced us to branch out into credit and financing to give people a possible solution – a second area where my expertise fit. Therefore, we folded the Ask 4 Benefits web property into Growing Family Benefits in 2016.

Credit Bureau Executive

My work history includes over a decade as an executive with Experian, one of the big three consumer credit reporting agencies. I led teams that worked directly with many of the largest banks and lenders on the East Coast to help them target, acquire, and grow customer accounts using data and decision support systems.

During my tenure with Experian, I earned the “Platinum Circle” recognition for outstanding annual sales achievement in eight out of ten possible years.

This experience gives me the expertise to write about various related topics throughout the site. We founded the Savvy On Credit ( website to address consumer questions in this arena, later combining the content with Growing Family Benefits in 2018 to offer a one-stop user experience.

  • Consumer credit reports and scores such as FICO and Vantage
  • How lenders use the files and scores to make approval decisions
  • Things borrowers do that get them into trouble

Education Background

My educational background also contributes to my authority on many subjects the site covers.

  • Master of Business Administration
    • Rutgers University Graduate School of Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
    • College of William and Mary in Virginia

Subject Matter Expert Citations

Many online publications seek expert opinions when writing articles about a specific topic. Below is a partial listing of websites and articles that cited my contributions. There is more media interest in credit scores than insurance – even though lack of coverage is the hidden killer of borrowing credentials.

Publisher NameArticle Title
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