Kevin Haney - Owner A.S.K. Benefit Solutions

Hello – my name is Kevin Haney, the principal, and founder of A.S.K. Benefit Solutions, the company that publishes the Growing Family Benefits website.

For over a decade, I served as an executive with one of the big three consumer credit reporting agencies in the United States. This provides me with unique industry insider insights about credit reports and scores, which we share throughout the site.

Over the next decade, my insurance agency sold supplemental dental, disability, and health insurance programs across the country. We quickly learned that the majority of people wait until it is too late to buy a policy.

Rather than proactively purchase insurance, most people find themselves in a financial bind when faced with a medical event. This happens most frequently with families having children. Family leave laws are full of holes and do not provide income replacement benefits.

People turn to personal loans, government financial assistance, and debt consolidation programs when they are most vulnerable. These alternatives rarely provide a long-term solution for most families.

We publish this website to help people in a financial bind, and to help the remainder to avoid the same problems.