Kevin Haney - Owner A.S.K. Benefit SolutionsHello – my name is Kevin Haney, President, and founder of A.S.K. Benefit Solutions. A.S.K. Benefit Solutions is the publisher of Growing Family Benefits.

We are an insurance agency dedicated to reaching out to growing families, educating them about the value of voluntary employee benefits, and helping them gain access to the programs at their place of work.

Short-term disability insurance represents the best way for families to get paid maternity leave benefits in the U.S.A.  Since employees make the premium payments themselves, paid leave should be more common.

We also publish information to help couples navigate the confusing world of finance, taxation, and insurance benefits. Our mission is to get the word out so that more families can benefit.

Why We Market This Way

I really hate calling employers. The most common response we get when approaching employers about voluntary employee benefits are –

Nobody will be interested

Your employer thinks you’re not interested because –

You haven’t asked

You haven’t asked because –

Nobody illustrated the value before

Why We Care

We got started after one of our customers conceived triplets four days after her policy effective date. Her triplets were born via emergency c-section months premature. Only one baby came home from the hospital, and was chronically ill for months afterwards, and mom had to stay home from work to care for her child.

The combination of infertility treatment costs, followed by her pregnancy complications, followed by an extended NICU stay for three infants, followed by 12 months of lost income devastating financially. The supplemental health insurance did provide significant cash benefits, and her return was very impressive. But her triplets were born during the policy exclusion period, and additional benefits were not available.

This experience inspired us to develop a direct-to-working woman-to employer approach to ensure that every growing family has the chance to hear about these important programs and enroll at the right time – preconception with a time buffer in case of premature birth.

What Makes our Blood Boil?

Our blood boils often when we hear from different groups complaining about the lack of paid maternity leave in the United States, or when women frantically search the internet looking to purchase disability coverage because her employer does not offer an option.

These two groups represent polar opposites of a spectrum that does not need to exist. There is a simple middle ground solution that nobody seems to grasp:

  • Employers can offer paid maternity leave benefits at no direct cost to the group.
  • Working women don’t have to search in vain for individual short term disability that covers normal childbirth.

The middle ground solution is to have more employer offer voluntary benefits in the form of supplemental insurance. Working women can but these policies at work. The policies cover normal childbirth and help create maternity leave income. Women pay for the policies themselves by payroll deduction.

We publish this site to help get the word out.