How Short-Term Disability Insurance Works

Many parents are confused about how short-term disability insurance works, and for good reason. The topic is confusing.

In addition, each person will have a very different experience based on timing and where they work.

Do not assume that you automatically have coverage as with Social Security disability – which does not cover temporary medical conditions.

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Short-Term Disability Pay Calculator | How Much You Get

How much does short-term disability insurance pay in the event of a valid claim? The answer is different for every person and policy. Every program considers at least three key factors to establish the payment amount and length. Learn how …
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Short-Term Disability Insurance Quotes [Compare Online]

If you cannot work due to an illness or injury, short-term disability insurance can help protect your income during that time. This type of insurance provides income protection to help you cover your monthly expenses, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, …
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Not Returning to Work After a Short-Term Disability Absence

Many people choose not to return to work after a short-term disability. For instance, many new mothers want to spend time bonding with their newborns, so they resign. Others cannot return to work after their temporary disability because their employer …
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Individual Short-Term Disability Not Through Employers

What should you do if your employer doesn’t offer short-term disability as an employee benefit? How do you protect your income from off-the-job accidents and illnesses? Many people live paycheck-to-paycheck with little money in savings. Even a temporary loss of …
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Short-Term Disability Insurance Premium Cost Per Month

The average premium for short-term disability insurance is about $86 per month for a person earning $41,600 annually. However, your rates could be much higher or lower depending on the policy features you select (monthly amount, elimination period, benefit length) …
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Should I Get Supplemental Short-Term Disability Insurance?

People concerned about the deficiencies of their current coverage should consider getting supplemental short-term disability insurance before it is too late. You never know when a severe medical event might happen. Inadequate paycheck protection that kicks in too late ends …
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Federal Government Employee Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability insurance for federal government employees is a vital income protection option to consider before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. How will you pay your living expenses after exhausting any banked annual & sick leave? You do not qualify …
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Short-Term Disability Insurance for USPS Postal Employees

Short-term disability insurance for postal employees provides important income protection if you cannot work because of a covered accident or illness. Pay careful attention to the forms you might need to complete in case of a claim (provided you have …
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Short-Term Disability Insurance for Self Employed Workers

Are self-employed individuals eligible for short-term disability? You qualify to file a claim if you purchased a policy through your state or a private insurance company before getting sick, hurt, or pregnant.   Fortunately, Social Security disability insurance automatically covers …
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Are Short-Term Disability Benefit Payments Income Taxable?

Is my short-term disability insurance benefit payment taxable? Will I get a 1099 or W2 statement that increases my taxable income? The answer depends on how you paid for the coverage. You can pay the IRS when funding the premiums …