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The mission of the Growing Family Benefits website is to help families understand that government benefits programs are extremely limited and that they need to take personal responsibility to address the gaps.

Several supplemental health insurance programs fill these gaps. However, you must enroll prior to becoming sick, hurt, pregnant, or in need of dental work in order to qualify.

Are you trying to Contact Your State?

Five states have mandated temporary disability coverage that will cover a worker with an existing medical condition.

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island

Forty-five offer nothing. If you do not work in one of these fives states you cannot apply for temporary disability benefits after becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. Private policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions for twelve months.

If you work for Social Security you are not helping the taxpayers you serve by providing them with our phone number. All we can do it tell them they are out of options other than a loan.

Are You Already Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. If you are already pregnant, we will not be able to help you get coverage for your current pregnancy. You can still buy a policy to cover your next pregnancy along with future accidents and illnesses.

Are you looking for an Individual Policy?

Individual policies covering normal childbirth are not sold directly. We cannot help you get this type of coverage unless your employer already offers one, or you ask your employer to make a voluntary option available to you and your co-workers.

Request a short-term disability quote and an agent will contact you about individual options to cover future accidents, illnesses, and complications of pregnancy.

Do You Need a Loan?

Request a medical loan. If you need cash to take maternity leave, begin dental work, or fund infertility treatment complete the appropriate online form. Your qualifications will be presented to a network of lenders, which improves your odds of acceptance. If approved, the lenders will communicate loan terms. We are not the lender and may receive compensation for the referral.

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