Get a quick answer to a simple question, without having to input personal information, or take phone calls from pesky agents. Complete an anonymous quote form, and get a short-term disability insurance quote online instantly.

Compete the web form, and then see an instant virtual result showing the projected monthly premium for your feature configuration. Conveniently estimate what you might spend to protect your income via your computer, laptop, or smartphone. You will find two sets of questions affecting your virtual result.

  1. Policy features options such as monthly amount, elimination period, and payment duration
  2. Your demographic information such as age, industry of your employer, and state where you work

Short-Term Disability Quote Options

The online short-term disability insurance quotes presented here allow you to play around with various policy configurations anonymously. The virtual web form will not ask you for personal identifying information. Enter an anonymous identifier at the end of the questionnaire to verify that the virtual quote result belongs to you.

Policy features can dramatically affect the monthly premium you may pay. Enter as many feature selections as you like to see how your choices affect the virtual estimate. Three primary features options are the monthly payment amount, payment duration, and elimination period.

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Monthly Amount

The monthly payment amount affects your monthly premium cost. In most cases, a $4,000 per month policy will cost twice as much as a $2,000 per month, and so on. You qualify for a specified monthly amount based upon your gross monthly earnings. In most states, you can purchase up to sixty percent income coverage, capping at $6,500 monthly.

The short-term disability quote online web form will ask you for your monthly gross income. The system will automatically present the maximum monthly payment amount you are qualified to purchase.

Payment Duration

The payment duration describes the length of time your policy will continue making claims payments should you be continuously disabled. A doctor will need to certify that you are unable to work in order for payments to continue.

The short-term disability quote online web form will ask you to choose between payment durations of twelve months, and twenty-four months. People seeking longer payment duration should consider an instant long-term disability quote instead.

Elimination Period

The elimination period describes how long the policyholder must be disabled before claims payments begin. There may be separate elimination periods for accidents and sicknesses. The elimination period is the most significant feature option affecting your premium rate estimate.

The short-term disability quote virtual web form will ask you to choose between three elimination period options: 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days. Enter as many elimination period choices as you like.

Online Quote Demographic Information

The virtual web form will ask you to input demographic information in order to complete your short-term disability insurance quotes online. Every carrier has different business rules to determine how these data affect your monthly premium.

The virtual web form asks you to complete the demographic information first. This makes it easier for you to make changes to the optional policy features, and then instantly see the effect on monthly premium rates. The demographic information asked is age at time of application, industry of your employer, and the state where you work.

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Age at Time of Application

Your age at time of application is a key component of any quote you receive. Most carriers will provide two sets of premium rates:

  1. One for people age eighteen to forty nine
  2. Another for people age fifty or older

The amount charged for people starting a policy age fifty or older run about 30% higher. The reason is that older people are far more likely to become sick and file a claim. Women under the age of forty frequently want quotes for pregnancy and childbirth. You can find these quotes in a separate subject silo.

Industry of Your Employer

The industry of your employer affects your perceived risk. The greater your chance of filing a claim, the more you will be asked to pay in premium. Workers in certain industries experience more medical events.

In addition, persistency varies widely by industry. Certain industries have higher turnover, which means workers do not keep their policies as long. Insurers expect that people will only buy and keep policies when they expect to file a claim.

The online short-term disability insurance quote form will walk you through several industry categories. Select the option that best describes your employer’s industry category. People unwilling or unable to purchase through their employer can get monthly premium cost estimates for individuals on a separate page.

State where you Work

Short-term disability insurance quotes online also depend upon the state where your policy may be issued. If you want an individual policy covering childbirth, you must enroll through your employer. Many workers live in one state and work in another so this variation may be important.

If you complete your application in front of an agent, the state where you signed the application applies. If you complete your application online, the state where you live applies.

The state of issue determines which state requirements apply. Each state has different insurance regulations and mandates. In addition, loss ratios often vary by geography. Expect to see 10% to 15% variation in premium costs based upon where you live or work.

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