Instant short term disability insurance quotes online are available here. Compete the form and then see an instant result showing the estimated policy premium for your configuration.

Premium cost is only half the equation. You have to compare the monthly premiums to the policy features and possible benefit payments. Your online short term disability quote will instantly compare premium costs to possible benefit payment illustrations.

  • Premium costs based upon choice of
    • Monthly benefit amount, elimination period, benefit duration length
  • Possible benefit payment scenarios
    • Accidents and illnesses

Get Short Term Disability Insurance Quotes Online

You may need to provide personal information in order to get your short term disability insurance quote online. You will be asked to enter your annual income, state where you work, the industry of your employer, the reason for your interest, and an anonymous identifier.

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Instant short term disability insurance quotes online come in two flavors: those sold directly covering accidents and illnesses only, and those which create maternity leave income. Most site visitors want the latter form of supplemental disability insurance. The purpose of the quote and value illustration is to motivate visitors to learn how to get short term disability covering childbirth, and then take action.

Maternity Leave Income

You will see instant results illustrating the maternity leave income you may expect for normal childbirth derived from two policies:

  • Individual short term disability covering childbirth
  • Hospital indemnity insurance which also covers childbirth

Save the quote results to discuss with your spouse by clicking File, Download as PDF. Use your temporary anonymous identifier to verify that the quote belongs to you. Your short term disability insurance quote online will illustrate one very important concept: the insurer may be losing money on the policy for a planned medical event. While individually owned, these policies can only be purchased as an employee benefit program.

Security at No Additional Cost

You will also see randomly generated examples of unexpected medical events. Since these events are unplanned no one knows for sure what you may encounter. See how two recommended policies may work for:

  • Pregnancy complications
  • Premature birth
  • Postpartum disorders
  • Accidents
  • Illnesses

The quotes and illustrations change instantly upon completing the form. Submit as many requests as you like to see differing illustrations of unexpected medical events.

Short Term Disability Quotes: Policy Features

Short term disability insurance quotes online can be hard to fathom. Policy features can dramatically impact the month premium amount you may pay. Since most site visitors are seeking policies that cover childbirth, a quote for a recommended configuration is presented. The recommended feature configuration maximizes the maternity value while keeping premium costs most affordable. Three important features detailed below: monthly payment amount, payment duration, and elimination period.

Monthly Payment Amount

The monthly payment amount chosen impacts your monthly cost. In most cases a $4,000 per month policy will cost twice as much as a $2,000 per month, and so on. You qualify for a specified monthly amount based upon your gross monthly earnings. In most states you can purchase up to sixty percent income coverage, capping at $6,500. Policies covering childbirth present an opportunity to buy coverage for a planned event. Since the policy holder is likely to use the policy, the recommended monthly payment amount is the highest level your income qualifies you to purchase.

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Payment Duration

The payment duration describes the length of time your policy will continue making payments should you be continuously disabled. A doctor will need to certify that you are unable to work in order for payments to continue. Many policies allow you to choose between several payment duration lengths: three, six, twelve, and twenty four months. Since most site visitors requesting want policies covering childbirth, the recommended payment duration is twelve months. The twelve month payment duration spans:

  • Nine months of pregnancy complications
  • Six to eight weeks to recover from childbirth
  • Leaves a five week cushion in case of postpartum complications

People seeking longer payment duration should consider an instant long term disability quote instead.

Elimination Period

Short term disability insurance quotes online are expressed in terms of two elimination periods, one for accidents and one for illnesses. Usually the accident elimination period is presented first. You might expect to see combinations such as: 0/7, 7/7, 14/14, etc. Since most site visitors are seeking policies covering childbirth the recommended elimination period is the shortest available:

  • Seven days for monthly payment amounts of $3,000 and below
  • Fourteen days for higher payment amounts

There is a fixed payment paid for recovery from childbirth: six weeks for vaginal birth, eight weeks for c-section – less the elimination period. Shorter elimination periods translate into higher premiums, but bigger payouts for normal childbirth.

Short Term Disability Quotes: External Variables

Short term disability insurance quotes online will vary based upon several external variables such as age, industry of employer, and the state where you work.

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How Age Impacts Your Quote

Your age at time of application is a key component of any quote you receive. Most carriers will provide two sets of premium rates:

  1. One for people age eighteen to forty nine
  2. Another for people age fifty or older

The amount charged for people starting a policy age fifty or older run about 30% higher. The reason is that older people are far more likely to become sick and use the policy. This raises an important point.

Women of childbearing age pay less for their policy even though many plan to use the policy. This is another reason why you should learn how to get a policy covering childbirth.

Since most site visitors are seeking maternity related coverage we do not ask for your age. If you want a quote for people over the age of fifty visit our short term disability premium rate calculator.

Rates by Employer Industry

You may be asking yourself “why do short term disability insurance quotes online ask for the industry of my employer?” Again, most site visitors want a policy that covers childbirth. There are individual policies covering childbirth sold as voluntary employee programs. This is your only way to get such a policy.

The industry of your employer impacts your perceived risk. The greater your chance of filing a claim, the more you will be asked to pay in premium. Also, persistency varies widely by industry. Certain industries have higher turnover, which means workers don’t keep their policies as long. Insurers expect that people will only buy and keep policies when they expect to file a claim.

Quotes are State Specific

Instant short term disability insurance quotes depend upon the state where your policy may be issued. If you want an individual policy covering childbirth you must enroll through your employer. Many workers live in one state and work in another so this variation may be important.

The policy will be issued based upon where and how you purchase your policy. If you complete your application in front of an agent, your policy will be issued under the state insurance regulations of the state where you signed the application. Online web form applications are becoming quite common.

Your home state determines which state variation your policy must adhere to when completing applications online. Each state has different insurance regulations and mandates. Many states have unique requirements placed on disability insurance policies. Also loss ratios often vary by geography. Expect to see 10% to 15% variations in premium costs based upon where you live or work.

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