Short-Term Disability Coverage & Benefits (How to Apply)

Many people ask how to apply for short-term disability while making a faulty assumption that puts their families in a precarious financial bind.

You cannot file a claim for benefits if you do not have coverage, and you must show evidence of good health to buy a new policy!

State-mandated short-term disability exists in only seven regions, meaning most people reading this short article do not have coverage in force.

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Getting Your Doctor To Put You On Disability While Pregnant

Does my high-risk classification or bed rest prescription qualify as a valid medical reason for a short-term disability during pregnancy? How does the coverage work while recovering after childbirth? Can you extend maternity leave if postpartum depression delays your return …
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How to Get Short-Term Disability Approved While Pregnant

How do you get short-term disability approved while pregnant so you can enjoy maternity leave benefits? Is my pregnancy a pre-existing condition? These are essential questions for women facing unpaid time off from work. You will find the answers here …
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Does Short-Term Disability Cover Mental Health or Rehab?

Some questions have no single correct answer. The only way to know is to reference the summary plan description or file a claim with objective medical evidence.   Short-term disability is more likely to cover specific mental health conditions than …
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What Short-Term Disability Covers: Qualifying Conditions

Short-term disability insurance covers injuries and illnesses that satisfy your policy’s definition of a qualifying medical condition, which typically has five components. Learn how these five rules might apply to your situation – given more in-depth definitions found in most …
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Short-Term Disability Covering Pre-Existing Conditions

The topic of short-term disability insurance and pre-existing health conditions is confusing because there is no single correct answer, two key underwriting decision points, and at least three policy types. For instance, an issuing company might approve your application to …
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Short-Term Disability Denial Reasons: Coverage & Claims

An insurance company can deny short-term disability at two points: when a person is attempting to buy the coverage and when an individual files a claim for benefits. Many people begin thinking about protecting their income after it becomes too …
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Can I Get Disability for a Short Time Due to Surgery?

Paying the out-of-pocket expenses (deductible, copayments, etc.) for any surgical procedure can prove expensive. But the financial consequence can prove devastating when combined with lost income while out of work during your recovery. Getting disability income benefits for a short …
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Does Short-Term Disability Cover Care of Family Members?

Many ask whether long-term or short-term disability insurance covers the care of family members because of the financial hardship caused by lost income. Unfortunately, the answer is no, and you will need to find other alternatives to help you survive …
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Applying for Short-Term Disability Through Social Security

How do you apply for short-term disability through Social Security when the program does not cover temporary illnesses and injuries? As always, the devil is in the details. Temporary, short-term, long-term, and permanent are relative terms with no uniform measure …
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How Much Does Disability Pay for Mental Health?

Many Social Security Disability applicants are unfamiliar with the program and often begin by asking the wrong questions. How much disability pays for mental health disorders is one such query. Your diagnosis has everything to do with whether you qualify …