Short-term disability insurance takes the financial worry out pregnancy bed rest before birth. You doctor may order you to stop working months before your delivery. Can you afford to take the time off?

The coverage also allows mom to enjoy a maternity leave pay while she recovers from childbirth and bonds with her newborn baby. The very same policy may also pay benefits if mom delays her return from work because of postpartum problems.

  • Gain security in case of complications before birth
  • Enjoy maternity leave income after normal childbirth
  • Spend time bonding with your baby without financial stress

How Short-Term Disability Works for Pregnancy

It may sound too good to be true. The rules work differently than you might expect. Click through the tabs and subtopics to discover if a policy is right for you.

Buying a PolicyApplying for BenefitsClaims During PregnancyClaims After Delivery
When you are already pregnant
When you are planning a pregnancy
Get a quote comparing cost to value
Purchase an individual policy online
Filing a claim for bed rest
Filing a claim after delivery
Pregnancy bed rest
High risk pregnancy complications
Valid Claims Reasons
Maternity Leave Pay
Extending your maternity leave
Covering postpartum depression
Returning to work

Short-term disability insurance for pregnancy and maternity leave makes great sense. Act now!

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