Individual short-term disability covering normal childbirth is the most sought after policy type. There are two different plans. One has better benefits, the other is more convenient to purchase.

Understand the key differences between the two different plan types. There is a reason why these are so popular with women, but so unpopular with carriers.


Request a short-term disability pregnancy quote. Compare the expected maternity leave claim, to the monthly premium costs paid in advance of delivery.

You will quickly see why this coverage is so valuable, so difficult to obtain, and so worthy of taking an extra step. Motivate yourself to ask your employer for voluntary paid maternity leave options!


Many site visitors mistakenly assume they can purchase policies covering normal childbirth directly. Policies covering complications of pregnancy can be purchased directly, however the more valuable coverage for normal childbirth requires an extra step.

Your employer must first offer the option. Ask for voluntary benefits to take advantage.


There are four important steps to take in order to get short-term disability covering both complications of pregnancy, and mom’s recovery from normal childbirth. The last step is most important, and most difficult to overcome.

Make sure to understand the value, start at the right time, look in the right place, and ask for voluntary benefits where you work.


There are three very important rules to follow for timing your purchase of disability insurance covering pregnancy and normal childbirth. First, your policy should begin prior to conception. Second, build in a cushion in case of preterm delivery. Third, allow for delays.

Policies covering normal childbirth are the most desirable. However, employers must agree to offer coverage. There may be a lag in making this happen.


Short-term disability insurance covers complications of pregnancy, and mom’s recovery from normal childbirth. The policy must begin prior to conception.

Only policies covering recovery from normal childbirth replace income during maternity leave. See how the policies work, get a quote, and learn how to get on board for maternity leave pay.


Many of our best customers learned things the hard way. The majority of site visitors begin thinking about replacing income during maternity leave once it is too late. They know better the second time around.

You can purchase short-term disability when already pregnant. Many companies do not ask pregnancy related medical questions. However, your existing pregnancy will not be covered.