Missouri short-term disability benefits are available through private companies.

Many growing families are strapped for cash while healthy. They may have a mortgage, a car note, daycare costs, along with extra expenses for clothing, baby furniture, and much more.

A loss of income could prove devastating. Find an explanation for how short-term disability insurance works in Missouri.

  • Application forms and benefit amounts
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Missouri State laws and regulations

Short-Term Disability Insurance in Missouri

Private short-term disability insurance is the only option for residents and workers in Missouri. The state does not offer or mandate a program. You must choose to purchase coverage in advance of your need in order to protect your income in the event you are unable to work temporarily.

Claims Forms

Because Missouri does not have a state-mandated program covering temporary disabilities, you must already have a policy in place in order to file a claim for benefits. Many people miss this critically important requirement.

Debt relief application if you experience financial hardship. A combination of lost income and higher medical bills often meets this standard. A settlement program could help.

Request a short-term loan if you do not have a policy in force already. Complete the online application form to get the funding you need to pay your regular bills while not working.

Apply for short-term disability benefits if you did purchase a private policy. Download the claims form from the issuing company’s website and follow the instructions on how to file your claim.

Policy Application Forms

You must complete a policy application form in order to purchase a policy. An agent will assist in completing the paperwork: recording income, answers to medical questions, submission to the issuing company, etc. You must show evidence of good health. A new plan will not cover pre-existing health conditions until twelve months after the effective date.

Begin by requesting an online quote for a quick estimate of the monthly premium costs. You can easily obtain income protection without involving your employer in the process through this direct channel. Women planning to conceive find that worksite policies offer superior benefits – if their employer makes a voluntary option available.

Benefit Amounts

Short-term disability insurance in Missouri can replace up to 2/3 of your income or $6,500 per month – whichever is less. Every carrier uses different amounts. The elimination period describes how quickly payments begin. The payment duration describes how long payments last while continuously unable to work.

The quotes will show you what the premium costs might be depending on the options you select, the monthly amount, elimination period, and payment duration.

Qualifying Conditions

Short-term disability in Missouri covers accidents and illnesses that begin after the coverage effective date. The policy covers pre-existing medical conditions 12 months after the effective date.

Accidental injuries are qualifying medical conditions provided the injury is not self-inflicted, did not occur while committing a crime, or while intoxicated. Most illnesses are qualifying medical conditions provided they are not preexisting conditions.

Short-Term Disability Maternity in Missouri

Short-term disability for maternity generates the majority of claims for working-women in Missouri, as in any other state. Women seek out these policies but often miss out. Either they wait until after conception, or they want something they can purchase directly.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Short-term disability for pregnancy bed rest covers women in Missouri who need to stop working prior to delivery for a medical reason. Bed rest by itself is not a qualifying medical condition. A doctor needs to certify the medical reason for the bed rest.

Many women wait until after conception to purchase a policy. Coverage needs to begin prior to conception to qualify for benefits prior to delivery. There are additional considerations for the benefits paid for childbirth.

Maternity Leave

Women commonly use short-term disability during maternity leave while mom recovers from giving birth. Normal childbirth is a covered sickness when delivery occurs 9 months after the policy coverage effective date. There is a 6-week benefit paid for normal vaginal delivery, and an 8-week payment made for C-section birth – less the policy elimination period.

Policies covering normal childbirth at the most sought after policy type. Normal childbirth is often a planned event, and the benefit payments often exceed the premium costs. These policies have the most stringent criteria: they are only sold as employee benefit programs. Employees make the premium payments through a payroll deduction.

Missouri Short-Term Disability Laws

As is the case in many other states, Missouri does not have any unique short-term disability laws. Most states follow uniform guidelines for private policies covering temporary medical conditions.

State Program

Missouri does not have any laws mandating state short-term disability benefits. People working in the state who need income protection from temporary medical conditions need to purchase a private policy on their own. Employers are not required to offer coverage.

You may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits if you expect your condition to last more than one year or result in death. Contact the local office in Missouri. This department determines the eligibility of residents who have applied for benefits.

Family Leave Laws

Missouri does not have state-level laws pertaining to pregnancy and parental leave that extend or supplement the national regulations. There are several federal laws that protect your rights and provide unpaid job-protected leave.

State Employees

The State of Missouri allows employees to purchase short-term disability insurance as a voluntary employee benefits program. State employees can participate by making premium payments via payroll deduction. Notice that even the state employees are not automatically covered.