Individual Disability Insurance Quotes [Online Comparisons]

Take advantage of online quotes to make quick comparisons between the two types of individual disability insurance policies. Decide which type of coverage makes the best investment to protect your income.

Your health and ability to earn money is perhaps your most important asset. You insure your house and car. Why not cover the fount of these blessings?

Short-term disability covers temporary losses, which occur frequently. Families living without an emergency fund need an extra safety net.

Long-term disability covers permanent medical conditions, which are less common. Professionals with high levels of fixed expenses love the peace of mind.

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Short-Term Disability Insurance Quotes

Requesting an individual short-term disability insurance quote through our online partner can help you decide whether to buy a policy. Families living check-to-check with little money set aside in an emergency fund frequently need this type of coverage.

Request a quote (Sponsored Link) to compare the assured cost to the possible benefits.

You pay premiums up front with 100% certainty. In turn, you protect your income from a potential future event – a covered accident or illness that prevents you from working temporarily.

Instant Estimate

Our short-term disability cost calculator can provide an instant approximation of the monthly premiums. Take advantage of this online tool to quickly compare how three feature choices and two applicant variables might affect the final quote provided by a licensed insurance agent for individual coverage.

  1. The Monthly Benefit Amount (up to 66% of income) is the amount the policy pays each period while you remain unable to work
  2. The Elimination Period describes how quickly claim payments begin after you suffer a covered accident or illness
  3. The Benefit Period indicates how long the policy will continue making claim payments while unable to perform job duties
  4. The Applicant Age describes how old you are at the time of application; young people pay lower premiums
  5. The Applicant Tobacco Use indicates whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, or chew

Pregnancy Coverage

Women requesting short-term disability quotes should understand how individual coverage works for pregnancy-related medical conditions before buying. Learn about three critical factors here online to determine whether a purchase is the best decision for your family.

  1. You can buy a policy while pregnant, but the coverage will exclude any maternity-related claims until well after you give birth
  2. Individual plans purchased outside of employers may cover complications of pregnancy and postpartum disorders, but not your recovery from labor and delivery
  3. Only worksite-based policies include childbirth coverage, which makes this the ideal alternative – if offered by your employer

Long-Term Disability Insurance Quotes

Requesting a long-term disability insurance quote for individuals via our online partner can help you decide if this type of coverage is the more appropriate choice. Professionals who spent heavily on their college education (doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.) often feel a need to protect their investment.

A permanent medical condition can obliterate decades of earning power and jeopardize your ability to honor student loan, mortgage, and car loan payments that support your lifestyle.

Request a quote (Sponsored Link) to compare having peace of mind to relying on Social Security benefits.

Good Investment

A quote for an individual long-term disability policy can illustrate whether this type of coverage offers a good investment or not. High-income professionals often find the most significant value for multiple reasons.

  1. Social Security covers permanent medical conditions while leaving two gaping holes
    1. It does not honor claims if you can perform any work (it does not have an own occupation definition)
    2. The monthly amounts provide subsistence-level income ($1,100 for SSDI), which would not support hefty student loan payments
  2. A private policy fills the two enormous SSDI gaps and more
    1. An “Own Occupation” disability definition protects doctors, dentists, and lawyers who can no longer work in their high-income profession
    2. Monthly benefit amounts of $10,000 or higher protect a more substantial portion of wages
    3. Business overhead expense benefits allow private medical, dental, and legal practices to cover rent and other fixed obligations

Policy Comparisons

Finally, take advantage of our partner-supported online quotes to determine which type of individual disability insurance makes the most sense to buy. Compare the fixed upfront premium costs of each policy type to the possible future claim payments.

Temporary disabilities occur more frequently and can wipe out a family living without an emergency fund. Meanwhile, permanent medical conditions are rare but hurt professionals with significant obligations the most.


Monthly Amount

Up to 66%

$6,500 max

Up to 66%

$10,000 max

Elimination Period

7 days to 6 months

3 months to 2 years

Benefit Period

3 months to 2 years

5 years to Age 65

Business Overhead