Can You Get Your Tubes Untied For Free? | Grant Money

Can you get your fallopian tubes untied for free so you can get pregnant and have another baby?

It never hurts to ask.

Tubal ligation reversal grants are like free money that you do not have to repay.  However, grant money often proves elusive unless you are open to alternatives.

Meanwhile, free tubal reversal services might prove more realistic if you limit expectations. Surgeons are often happy to review case files at no charge as a marketing tactic.

For now, Medicaid or insurance might pick up the tab for all services if you have a medically necessary reason. Natural methods rarely provide the answer.

Free Tubal Reversal Grants

Free tubal ligation reversal grants represent money that you do not have to repay – if you can find an entity willing to give you this funding with no strings attached.

However, this will not prove easy and requires creativity and an open mind.

Government Grants

Government grants for tubal reversal are scarce because federal agencies award free funding to universities, state agencies, and non-profit organizations – not to individuals or couples. Therefore, you need to follow the flow of grant money and open your mind to alternatives that might help.

Begin at the website and identify possible recipients in your regional area. Apply with the local entity to get a third party to fund your fallopian tubes’ surgical untying.  

Clinical Trials

The federal government grant money could flow to university medical centers that might perform tubal reversal surgery as part of a clinical trial. Participants may receive complimentary services in a clinical trial to be a human Guinea pig on experimental protocols.

Begin at the government clinical trials website. Enter search terms that relate to symptoms you may be experiencing. The system will present the related studies, which may be in foreign countries.

However, the odds are not very good that you will qualify. Most clinical trials center on tubal occlusions and other disease-related conditions, not negating earlier voluntary sterilization.

Flex Spending

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can act like government grants for tubal ligation reversal for couples who have access to this employee benefit in their workplace.

Pre-tax payroll contributions made into your FSA help enormously with surgery costs: provided that you schedule your procedure at the beginning of your plan year.

  • Zero-percent financing without a credit check for people with late payment history appearing on their consumer report
  • First-dollar financial help on funds used to pay the surgeon via reduced taxes
    • Federal brackets: 10% to 37%
    • FICA: up to 7.65%
    • State brackets vary based on where you work
      • California: 1% to 12.3%
      • Texas: 0%
      • Florida: 0%
      • New York: 4% to 8.82%
      • Pennsylvania: 3.07%
      • Illinois: 4.95%
      • Ohio: 0% to 4.8%
      • Georgia: 1% to 5.75%
      • North Carolina: 5.25%
      • Michigan: 4.25%

Tax Deductions

The federal government will sometimes award grants directly to individuals and couples via the IRS because your tubal reversal costs may be tax-deductible.

However, taking deductions on Schedule A is a fallback alternative to a Flexible Spending Account because you must meet two different thresholds before realizing any financial help.

  1. Your total itemized deductions must also exceed your standard deduction
  2. Your total medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

Consult your certified public accountant for advice on whether itemizing deductions will lower your costs of getting your tubes untied.

Private Grants

Private non-profit organizations will sometimes offer free tubal reversal grants to low-income couples. Charitable organizations often have limited funding and resources. Therefore, they can provide financial help to a tiny number of families.

Each non-profit may use one or more of these revenue models to raise funds.

  1. Rely on the generosity of donors
  2. Charge upfront application fees
  3. Help people raise money from friends
  4. Affiliate advertising for pregnancy-related products

For example, the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation utilizes three fundraising methods to help twenty couples deliver twenty-eight babies over twelve years. In other words, they assist about two families annually.

Free Tubal Reversal Services

Finding free tubal ligation reversal services will prove much more manageable than getting a surgeon to perform the entire operation at no cost. Sometimes you have to chip away at a problem to realize an objective.

Insurance Coverage

Having Medicaid or private health insurance pay for services is another option for getting your tubes untied free. Insurance rarely covers the reversal of voluntary sterilization. Therefore, this alternative will work for only a tiny fraction of low-income people who fit into one of three categories.

  1. Women with a medically necessary reason such as PTLS or dysmenorrhea
  2. Active servicewomen who can schedule the surgery on a military base
  3. Couples working in mandate states can get coverage for IVF instead

Also, insurance may pay for the medically necessary portions of your procedure. Pre-operative blood tests and ultrasounds, removal of lesions and fibroids, and post-surgical complications are examples of what your plan may pay for (cover).

Untie Naturally

Reversing tubal ligation using natural methods is another free option with low chances of working. Your fallopian tubes would have to reconnect without surgery to restore your fertility.

The two natural methods touted online have low success rates. Also, both of these methods have little or no scientific data backing them up.

  1. Fertility massage to increase blood flow to your reproductive organs
  2. Taking castor oil by mouth to promote natural healing


Many fertility clinics offer a free tubal reversal consultation and evaluation of your prior surgical report. The purpose is to get women in the door of their office, review case files cases, make recommendations, and draw up an expensive operative plan.

For example, clinics in these states promote zero cost consultations and nothing else.

The clinic has no intention of untying your fallopian tubes at no cost. Instead, they offer something of value (their time and expertise) in exchange for the opportunity to sell you a service for a fee – the surgery to restore fertility.